10,000 Ways to Die (Alex Cox)

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I have to check it out. BTW Dorado, you keep throwing me for a loop with your avatar changing. I usually just look at the picture & not read the name.

(ENNIOO) #42

I was just getting use to good old Chuck.

(Dorado) #43

Sorry about that guys I just changed it back to Chuck Norris for your sake :smiley:

(Stanton) #44

chuck-a-luck !?

(I...I...Idiot) #45

sup’ Chuck…get it?

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I posted that last week. Maybe these topics should be merged:


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(Starblack) #49

Shame that Cox - or the Guardian’s sub-editors - didn’t spot the error in his Django Kill section, where he says Hagerman was played by Piero Lulli, not, as in fact, by Paco Sanz.

(Phil H) #50

Yes I saw that too. Ah well. At least a bit of coverage for spaghettis in the mainstream press. Not something we get very often.

(Sebastian) #51

so phil what’s the status on the book review? i haven’t heard back from the publisher… maybe they forgot about me

(Phil H) #52

I thought you were doing the book review. But if it hasn’t arrived I can do one, no problem.
The interview is almost complete though and I’m hoping to persuade him to do a Top 20 for us too. Although no promises there. Hey not even some forum members have got around to one of those :wink:

(Sebastian) #53

oh sorry. well i havent received it yet, and if i do, i wont have time to read it. semester’s gonna be f***ing insane

(Novecento) #54

Well I’m guilty of that. But sometimes you seasoned veterans of the genre forget that most of us just haven’t seen quite as many of these SWs as you guys. I doubt I’d even get above forty right now so I’m going to hold out for a little while longer.

(ENNIOO) #55

I would rather see a few more before making a top twenty aswell.

(Phil H) #56

Good idea. Best not to rush in. :wink:

(ENNIOO) #57

Thanks Phil :wink: .

(Novecento) #58

hmmm :-\

(Phil H) #59

Just a bit of irony.
Ennioo has actually seen about a million spaghettis (maybe a slight exaggeration)

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ENNIOO was a hit before your mother was born
And 'though she was born a long, long time ago
Your mother should know …