Zorro Films (westerns and non-westerns)

Should have guessed that
Read the other day they has similar plans with Maximus the Gladiator, of all people

[quote=“scherpschutter, post:41, topic:1526”]Should have guessed that
Read the other day they has similar plans with Maximus the Gladiator, of all people[/quote]
Maximus the Gladiator vs. Predator? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have Paul W.S. Anderson on the phone right now.

Shit don’t tell him but I have Milla Jovovich whit me ;D

Viewed Zorro The Avenger.

Political type of story in this one. Zorro played by Frank Latimore is a bit boring and thinks he is funny when he clearly is not. When in Zorro mode so to speak Frank does not wear a cape and his mask looks like a black handkerchief, so no marks for style here. This is a tedious film on the whole.

Viewed The Sign of Zorro / Duel at the Rio Grande ( 1963 ).

Son ( who happens to be Zorro ) is sent on a mission by his mum to find his father. Finds out he has been killed for fighting for the poor, aswell as the fact he had a nice silver mine. He takes most of the film to find out though which becomes tedious, but we have some fighting near the end of the film. Zorro does find a little time to locate his future wife who he will be taking home to show his mum…ah what a nice man.

Directed by Mario Caiano, and stars Sean Flynn, son of Errol Flynn.

Behind The Mask Of Zorro.

Stagecoach is attacked and Zorro comes to the rescue of the governors daughter, who he has a bit of a soft spot for. Not long before the governor is attacked and the bandit soldiers are running the governors place. Zorro happens to the butler of the governor, who soon sorts things out.

Tony Russel plays Zorro who reminded me a bit of George Clooney. Found him funny mainly due to the fact he has the same dubbed voice of Django from the english dubbed version. Zorro in butler mode is very sarcastic to the bad guys which is a laugh aswell. Film does not take its self 100% seriously and it works as this is one of the most entertaining Zorro films I have viewed.

The one with Testi is repeatedly shown on German TV. For some reason I never managed to record it…

Not seen that one myself.

Testi is really slimy in that one.

Sounds like one for me.

Son of Zorro (1973).

Son of the man in black plays the new man in black in this one. Zorro takes on a corrupt army with a little help from William Berger. Zorro is a true ladies man, and spends alot of time with the wife of army officer Fernando Sancho. Not long at 83 mins and kept me entertained.

The Erotic Adventures of Zorro.

Are man Zorro is on the job again in more ways than one, and likes to use a variety of swords in this one.

The sex scenes do not even rescue this one from boredom city, but some of the dialogue is so cheesy you do have to raise a smile now and again.

I’ve been collecting Spaghetti Westerns on DVD for quite a few years now but have always avoided Zorro (and White Fang) movies.
I saw a trailer for one of the Zorro films a while back, on a Global DVD I think, and it looked interesting.
ENNIOO your posts on these films are wetting my appetite further, are any commercially available or are you watching them all on DVD-r?

Some are commercially available but no english options on most though. The database lists some of the dvd’s available by looking up the film you want to check. Couple of commercial releases have been fansubbed into english by fans, so I thank them for their hard work. But in answer to your question I have been viewing them via dvd r. Reminds me must view another one soon…70’s George Hilton one I think :slight_smile: .

Yes, I will have to track some down myself, the George Hilton one sounds cool.
These films would be ideal candidates for a cheap DVD boxset like the Spaghetti Western Bible series.

Mark of Zorro.

Zorro has a nervous breakdown and wants to go home and do some knitting. Enter bum George Hilton who gets roped into taking the place of Zorro, in the fight against the bad guys. Hilton is only any good as Zorro when he has had a little to drink.

As soon as you hear the keyboard sounds on the soundtrack you know for sure this is made in the 70’s. Film is lightweight as you have probably gathered, and has many slapstick moments in. Lionel Stander a man of the church is the boss of Zorro in a way, but his dubbed voice makes him sound like a gangster more than anything else.

Zorro The Rebel.

Woman and father are kidnapped by a power hungry governor as he wants to force the woman to marry his strange son. Not to fear though as Zorro is in love with the woman aswell…

Welcome relieve it being more serious than the previous Zorro romp I viewed. One of those films where alot of people have guns, but as soon as someone pulls out a sword the guns sort of go on a brief holiday. The last Zorro film I had on my to watch pile, so guess it is time to start a dent on some German westerns I have.

zorro films considered westerns?? ???

Most books count them, even if it is doubtful.

But some are indeed westerns, most not.