Your Top Ten Favorite Actors?

Yet another list that we all feel we must create…

  1. Peter Lorre (Fave performence: M).
  2. Lee Marvin (along with Lorre, the only actor whose presence in a film will make me watch it) (Fave performence: The Big Heat).
  3. Orson Welles (Fave performence: Citizen Kane).
  4. Peter O’Toole (Fave performence: Lawrence of Arabia).
  5. Marlon Brando (Fave performence: One Eyed-Jacks).
  6. Lee Van Cleef (Fave performence: For a Few Dollars More).
  7. Clint Eastwood (Fave performence: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly).
  8. Gian Maria Volontè (Fave performence: For a Few Dollars More).
  9. Jack Nicholson (Fave performence: Chinatown).
  10. Humphrey Bogart (Fave performence: the Maltese Falcon).

Wonder if there is enough lists in the forum to have a top ten of lists :smiley: .

HAHA!!! that’s the quote of the year Ennioo :smiley:

and not to slight John I do like this one actually. I’ll compile my list shortly and thanks for giving some insight into why you picked your favorites John.

Definatly the quote of the year!

No slight taken Frank.

Here it is…

10 John Hurt (favorite movie: 1984)
9 Ti Lung (favorite movie: Clans of Intrigue)
8 Chevy Chase (favorite movie: National Lampoon’s Vacation and Christmas Vacation)
7 Chiang Sheng (favorite movie: Crippled Avengers)
6 Simon Pegg (favorite movie: Shaun of the Dead)
5 Gordon Liu (favorite movie: 8 Diagram Pole Fighter)
4 Ken Foree (favorite movie: Dawn of the Dead)
3 John Cleese (favorite movie: Monty Python’s Life of Brian)
1 (draw) Lee Van Cleef (favorite movie: For A Few Dollars More and Day of Anger) and Peter Cushing (favorite movie: Tale from the Crypt, Revenge of Frankenstein, and Twins of Evil)

Interresting list you have Frank, some of the names I expected (Peter Cushing for example), but I didn’t expect Simon Pegg! I actually live near where he went to school.

Thanks John and that is cool. He’s got great charisma and can be that everyman and excel at it.

Eastwood, LVC, Garko, Steffen, Nero, Bronson, Christopher Lee, Vincent Price, Bruce Lee, Stallone, Michael Dorn

Interesting idea, John (and a great quote from the inimitable N E O), I’ll take my time to make a similar list

Thanks. I’ve never actually seen him, but I’ve been in his mothers shop and seen her.

This is almost as tough to do as a Top 20 Spaghetti Western list!!
But, I will give it a go…

  1. Chow Yun-Fat
  2. Humphrey Bogart
  3. Franco Nero
  4. Alain Delon
  5. Shishido Jo (Joe Shishido)
  6. Gianni Garko
  7. Patrick McGoohan
  8. Pedro Armendariz
  9. Amitabh Bachchan
  10. Randolph Scott

And so many more!

Clint Eastwood
Henry Fonda - OUATITW, Fail Safe
Lee Marvin - Emperor of the North
James Coburn
Chow Yun Fat - Hardboiled, God of Gamblers
Al Pacino - Serpico
Edward G Robinson - Key Largo
Humphrey Bogart - The Harder They Fall
Sean Connery - The Offence
Ian McShane - Deadwood
Eric Bana - Chopper

A great film. And Bana is magnificent in it.

Like Chris said, this it’s very difficult to choose but here’s first 10 favorites I came up with:

Klaus Kinski
Lon Chaney
Vincent Price
Jean-Pierre Leaud
Lee van Cleef
Peter Sellers
Jean Reno
Toshiro Mifune
Jerry Lewis
Matti Pellonpää

Sylvester Stallone
Clint Eastwood
Charles Bronson
Lee Van Cleef
Gianni Garko
Al Pacino
Robert DeNiro
Franco Nero
Maurizio Merli
Alain Delon

This is too hard

Yeah, impossible

That isn’t technicaly a film, is it? ;D

You don’t really have to list them in order, just ten (or more if you want) names.

Yeah I know, but there are too much. I can’t decide between them all.

Actually I’m not interested in any actor so much that I would buy a film because of this actor being in it. Which made me already very popular with my friend SD. I somehow failed to pay the necessary respect to the leading ladies.

But I can watch a certain film only because an actor is so damn fascinating in it, even if this film otherwise ain’t that remarkable.

Hmm… Gene Hackman would be in it.

Same here, I wouldn’t buy a film just because a certain actor was in it (but if a Peter Lorre or Lee Marvin was on TV, I’d try it out).

Ah, SD’s obbsession with his leading ladies! The Wild Bunch thread is a prime example of this.