Your own western

director: giafranco parolini
anti heroes: lee van cleef, gianni garko,walter barnes
villains:horst frank, fernando sancho, aldo sambrell
music: ennio moriconne
writer: tito carpi
female lead: nicoletta machiavelli

Heroes : Gianni Garko , Franco Nero
Villains: Jack Palance , Klaus Kinski , William Berger
Females : Claudia Cardinale & Nieves Navarro.

Composer: Ennio Morricone

Director: Tonino Valerii

Guest Stars : Jack Elam , Fernando Sanchez , Tomas Milian & Nicoletta Machiavelli .

Director: Brahm @Guanto Taylor
Sexy Hero: Me
Sexy Female: Still me, really. I’ve got the range.
Comedy Sidekick: @Reverend_Danite
Sheriff Who Gets Killed In The Dark In The Rain, Leaving Me Holding His Corpse and Looking Up At The Sky Going “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Like That: @scherpschutter
Probably Not Appearing in This Film: Klaus Kinski
Dastardly Villain: @stanton … No, Wait: @Phil_H and his evil band of Leyton O’s. And Stanton.
Town Lush Who Stumbles About Comedically Before Falling Into The Horse Trough, and Everyone Goes, “Ha! You Just Fell in the Horse Trough, You MUPPET!”: Stanton again
Cactus: @ENNIOO
Music: Spindrift
Executive Producer Paying For Everything (at least £20): @Admin


I played a dying man once, in a play directed by my brother-in-law

All I had to do is die.

Can I be the one henchman with the ridiculous Face fur? :smile:

No, you may not. You may however be the tart with the heart of gold, who gets thrown off of the balcony onto the poker table by the henchman with the ridiculous face fur.

Finally, my dream role!:joy:

An Oscar may be in the pipeline :smiley:

Anti-Hero: Gian Maria Volonte
Villian: Giuliano Gemma
Actress: Gina Rovere

Director: Tonino Valerii

Composer: Luis Bacalov

Take the usual roles of the two main actors and see how flipping them around would work. Valerii should have no problem creating something interesting from these two.

I wrote a synopsis for a Spaghetti Western/Lupin III hybrid. Here’s my combination from that assignment.

Anti-Hero: Tomas Milian
Anti-Heroine: Charlotte Rampling
Ally: Franco Nero
Villianess: Isuzu Yamada
Hero Antagonist: Toshiro Mifune or Gian Maria Volonte

Writer: Me, Leone, Corbucci, Sollima, Donati, Gastaldi, Vincenzoni, Solinas, Mickey Knox

Cinematography: Tonino Delli Colli

Editing: Franco Arcalli

Composer: Yuji Ohno, Ennio Morricone, Riz Ortolani

Producer: Joseph E. Levine, Alberto Grimaldi

Director: Me (in the styles of Leone and Corbucci)

Nice, love Lupin III. It would be interesting to see a Spaghetti Western with a heavier Japanese presence.

Nice to meet a fellow fan. Milian’s performance as Beauregard Bennet in Face to Face is strikingly similar (in my opinion) to Yasuo Yamada’s darker portrayals of Lupin, in both voice and physical expression.

Anti Hero

Two wanted brothers

Group of four bounty hunters

Main actress :heart_eyes:

Director & Composer :wink: :thumbsup:

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Heroes: Franco Nero, Robert Hossein.

Lead Villians: Orson Wells

Lead acttress: Nicoletta Machiavelli

Directed by: Sergio Leone

Story by Dario Argento

Music: Stelvio Cipriani

Plot: : Welles is a leader of rebels who rob, kill, and want to restart the civil war. One night, Nero, Nicoletta and her son are ambushed by unknown rebels. Thinking everyone is dead, the bandits take what they want and ride off. However Nero is still alive, and with the little strength he has left, is able to get on a horse and head north. He falls into a state of depression, drunkness, and anger as he cannot accept the death of his wife and son. Eventually he comes upon a ghost town where he encounters Hossein. Hossein is a loner and deserter, who once fought alongisde Welles in the civil war, but was double crossed by him. Hossein tells Nero that he suspects Welles and his gang are responsible for his wife and sons death. The two form a partnership, and decide to put an end to the rebel activities once and for all.