Your Next Western Buy

(korano) #1

I have been wanting to get opinions on the films that are on my buy list but there are too many topics about indivual films and several are not active anymore so hopefully in this topic, we can give each other opinons on whether to buy or not.

These films are on my buy list unless I am dissuaded.

  1. Blindman
  2. Shoot, Gringo, Shoot
  3. Cemetery Without Crosses
  4. Vera Cruz
  5. Wanted Johnny Texas
  6. They Call Me Hallelujah
  7. His Name Was Holy Ghost
  8. Ruthless Four
  9. Death Walks in Laredo
  10. Deaf Smith and Johnny Ears
  11. El Condor
  12. Three Musketeers of the West
  13. Fasthand is Still My Name


(korano) #2

I have cited Blindman as my fav but the DVD-R is $20! And I have commited the most vile sacrilidge. NO REGION FREE DVD PLAYER!!! >:( :o ??? :-[ :’(That meens no Koch media.

(korano) #3

Comments, anybody?

(Silver) #4

Well…my birthday is coming up in less than a month so i’ll probably be visiting Amazon.De to get some of the single Koch releases. And maybe pick some stuff up from Atlas visuals too…not checked out their full list for stuff i haven’t got yet though. And will have to look at Xploited Cinema too while they still have anything to buy!

(Silver) #5

Can you not find a crack code off the internet for your player? Or if you have a dvd burner on your computer you could use a programme to burn region free copies…

(korano) #6

Let me start by saying thank you for responding to this post as I hope this will grow to be very useful. Second, I have tried region crackers but they didn’t work. I will probobly settle on an already region free DVD player. What are some films on your list if I may ask?

(Silver) #7

The Koch releases;

Arizona Colt Returns
Train For Durango
A Barrel Full of Dollars
Road to Fort Alamo

Not too sure about Atlas and xploited…depends on what they have at that time.

Have to admit i could never find a code for my dvd player on the internet (of course mine is r2) so i watch r1 dvds on the computer or copy them using AnyDvd to make them region free :wink:

(korano) #8

What a second. Are computer DVD players region free? If I popped in a Koch media release, would it work on a US computer?

(Silver) #9

Um…yes and no. You can change the region setting of your computer 5 times…then it locks and mine is locked on Region 1. But, i also have AnyDvd on my computer which is a background application that renders the player and burner region free. I guess you could lock your compuer to region 2 for any non US (i’m presuming that’s where you are?) discs…

(korano) #10

Where might I be able to changethe region settings on my computer? Do you know?

(Silver) #11

Oh geez…it was so long ago i don’t remember really. Have you tried playing a region 2 dvd in it? I think a message should automatically come up that allows you to change the setting but also warns you that you can only do it a limited amount of times before it locks. What media player do you have? I use PowerDVD

(korano) #12

I have windows media player.

(Silver) #13

Hmmm…i have that also but never use it. Just had a look but there only seems to be help about changing parental control settings… Not sure what to suggest other than put an R2 in there and see if any help messages come up? Sorry!

(korano) #14

That’s all right. Thanks anyway. :slight_smile:

(Stanton) #15

Korano, someone who likes Blindman as much as you, should buy the Koch Digi-pack DVD even if you never can watch it. It’s such a beautiful DVD. Be sure to get it before it’s out of print.

Same goes for # 2 and 3 on you list. But the german Cemetery w. C. is of course much too expensive.

(Phil H) #16

For Cemetery Without Crosses get the DVDr from Atlas Visuals. It’s a straight rip from the Japanese Imagica disc which has great picture quality, english audio and is only about $10 I think.

(Bad Lieutenant) #17

I really don’t understand why people pay money for bootleg products. Then you’re better off bootlegging it yourself. All you would need to do is download, burn and get a cover to print. It’s just as illegal, but a hell of a lot cheaper.

On topic: These matters are very subjective, so you might as well glance through people’s top 20’s for recommendations.

(ENNIOO) #18

I am waiting for Wild East to get their arse in gear so I can get Red Blood, Yellow Gold.

(Silver) #19

Oh, same here! Plus impatiently waiting for upcoming Koch releases too!

(Romaine Fielding) #20

Wild East’s Long Ride To Hell! I want more Mimmo Palmara!

(but I’d take Red Blood, Yellow Gold)!