Your net experiences

I must say that this forum is probably one of the nicest places online I’ve ever visited. No fighting. Obviously, there are disagreements but everything is done civilly and humorously. Quite extraordinary to think that it’s these very SW films that brought this community together, who are diverse, educated, witty, etc. It astounds me that it’s this “low culture” of films that brought such a nice, cosmopolitan group of people together.

Ironically, in my experience the “high culture” forums have brought out of the meanest and nastiest parts of human nature. Philosophy, art films, performance arts; people in those forums are generally often extremely unkind, antisocial, bitter, condescending, hierarchical, etc. When I visited Criterion Film forums, those bastards were damn mean and pompous. I almost cried. Seriously. :o The mods PMed me and told me not to mind them. I never visited those places again but felt disappointed that I couldn’t find an outlet to discuss the very intriguing issues that have triggered so many thoughts I would like to share with others.

When it comes to women’s forums such as fashion and stuff you guys would cringe at, 70% of the people are wonderful. 30% of them are resentful, envious, judgmental, etc. and cause enough havoc to make the 70% of the nice people disappear. But through those forums I’ve made great friends. It’s amazing how our interests bring us friendships with people who are just right for us. Personally, I feel just as comfortable here or women’s forums. Obviously, there will be things I can only talk to women about that I won’t share with you guys, unless you held a gun to my head. :smiley:

So… tell me… which are your best and worst forum experiences? Time to bitch about that bastard who hazed you in the C++ forum. And time to praise the friends you’ve made.

The worst forums ever (my experience):

  1. IRC Undernet #Philosophy channel - what a bunch of freaks!
  2. Criterion
  3. Lonely Planet travel forums - terrible, terrible, terrible!
    4)… I give up on the list… too many

People who got along:

  1. Here
  2. A forum that no longer exists but was once dedicated to Everlast, a.k.a. Erik Schrody - I was so surprised that no one argued, everyone got along, were able to discuss serious topics without killing each other.

And if any of you mention, I have a couple of aspirin bottles next to me :stuck_out_tongue:

This forum is a great place to shoot the breeze.

Like the humour very much.

My own experience of life is that so many people have their head up their own arse a little to much at times, and this place makes a refreshing change re this on the whole.

Agreed…I’ve been here a couple years now and with the exception of a few minor incidents this has been a very relaxed place to be. I’ve felt like I’ve been welcome from the start, particularly as a relative newcomer to SWs. Not a lot of snobbery here at all.

I actually don’t have any experience of any other forum. This is the only one I am active in. It was the first one I ever signed up to and as it has proved to be a happy place I’ve never bothered going elsewhere. I do have other interests besides SWs (really) but one of the best things about this place, apart from the general courtesy of its members, is that folk seem to be able to discuss other stuff too with equal intelligence and open mindedness. So I’ve never felt the need to wander off.

In the past I did post quite frequently on forums (and irc). This was in my youth however, and some ten years ago.

Now, I sparsely post anything because I am occupied and often don’t see the use/purpose for myself and others. This forum however changed my mind, it has been a very inspiring place to me so far. People are genuinely passionate about the movies.

I do like some intellectualism once in a while, which also can be found here on the forums in the form of for example Scherpschutter and other persons. Their knowledge about a lot of subjects is extremely high.

My previous forums experiences were generally not so good, then again, I think I did not contribute much myself in those days so that balances out nicely :slight_smile:
I will be posting on some other western forums soon, and I am curious to the atmosphere on those places. If things turn sour I will report here ;D

[quote=“Mrs Angel Eyes, post:1, topic:2039”]So… tell me… which are your best and worst forum experiences? Time to bitch about that bastard who hazed you in the C++ forum. And time to praise the friends you’ve made.[/quote]There’s no need for me to mention the worst I guess… :stuck_out_tongue:

But shortly: best and worst have been here.

This by far has been the best forum experience and I’ve been using forums for the last 7 or so years.
I am very happy with the attitudes of the members here and how helpful everyone is as I too am relatively new to the genre as well. I cannot say how great it is to have people like you here - it makes the spaghetti western genre that much more enjoyable.

I have stopped posting on all other forums for a couple reasons:

  1. I felt there was more to life besides debating with mental midgets on the awfulness of the Dawn of the Dead remake.
  2. Lots of annoying people who manipulate you in thinking one thing and doing the opposite.
  3. I can discuss pretty much anything here so why go anywhere else.

That’s exactly how I felt. This forum teached me to be an SW fan!

When you are a little older wonder whether the forum will teach you to become a beer drinker :wink: .

I’m sure it will ;).

it goes like this:

I also find this a very convivial place to visit.

I used to frequent the Spaghetti Western Web Board, but that became infected with assholery.

I’m frequently astounded at the levels of vitriol and jingoism on the IMDB boards. It’s quite hilarious, in a way. People delight in trashing the opinions of others and promoting their ideological/religious beliefs on the merest pretext. It’s not the United Nations, people, it’s a film discussion site, supposedly.

Have recently signed up to the new Sam Peckinpah forum, but haven’t visited much lately.

The anonymity of the 'net brings certain people down to a low level of behaviour. I heard a saying once, “Integrity is what you do when no one is watching”. I think this could be applied to what you do or say when you know that no one knows who you are.

Live your life simply, honestly and be forthright and you’ll come out on top in the long run.

Starblack I also use the phrase “douchebaggery” to describe certain individuals. :wink:

Agree with everything that’s been said. To me, this forum is a shining example of what a forum can be as a community… I do have some experience on other forums and most often they tend to be much more negatively oriented, with a lot of people being close minded and pretentious… These attitudes seem to be infectious, many forums thrive on arguments and negativity and without them there would be no activity on the forum.

The forum here is definitely a nice place to be able to come and not have to worry about those things… I’m pretty laidback these days and for the most part can’t be bothered to care about trivial bullshit

[quote=“Bill san Antonio, post:11, topic:2039”]it goes like this:

Suddenly I’m thirsty

And not necessarily for beer.

Ha ha my thoughts too …

i belong to this forum and Horror movies ca and these are the only ones i have been on , both were good choices, i have come into contact with a lot of good people from all over the world, who have the same interest as me the wonderful world of films!(pity there aren’t more women on SW database, but there are plenty on horror ca! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

This is a great place to be to expand your vocabulary. A couple of examples are “assholery” and “douchebaggery.” Thanks for today’s lesson Starblack and Pacificador. The SWDB is a place of higher learning. ???

We’re not the mainstream