Your Favourite Garrone

For me Garrone is a director of solid dusters. His movies are no great masterpieces, but for me he stands for directing flicks, that represent my love for the gerne. Of course I prefer the works of the three big Sergios, but Garrone made solid SWs, that contain everything a real spaghaniac wants:

Action, Gunplay, Revenge and… Dust.

That’s easy. The winner will be a bastard (or was it basterd?) followed by a file of crosses.

Django the Inglorious Basterd slightly edges out No Room to Die for Me.

I was too disappointed by NO ROOM.

Maybe Berger’s supergun impressed me me too much on screenshots before I watched the flick. So the movie itself wasn’t able to live up to that…

Django the Bastard for me aswell.

I went for No Graves On Boot Hill. Whereas Django The Bastard and No Room To Die are probably “better” films…they were exactly what i iexpected they would be when i watched them, and No Graves wasn’t and so came as a pleasant surprise that’s grown on me more with each viewing.

No room to die, the others range from average to total crap

Django the Bastard, by some distance, followed by No Room to Die, Last Day/Vendetta at Dawn (though not all Garrone’s own work), and No Graves…

No room to die closely followed by Django the bastard.

No Room To Die! NRTD is pretty high up there in my fav spaghettis (alright, the music isn’t too fantastic though.) Django the Bastard is looking to be the lead, but that sure didn’t live up to the hype in my book.

I thought NRTD’s score was pretty awesome LOL.

Oooo! I hadn’t seen this thread. I wanna vote too. I’ve seen 'em.
No Graves on Boot Hill for me - same as what Silver said - it didn’t ‘do’ as expected. Unlike Brother Britton, I rate Garrone - only VAD doesn’t come up to par (and I quite like that one as well).

I can’t chose between DJANGO THE BASTARD or NO ROOM TO DIE. I like both of them equally; but, I guess if I absolutely had to pick between the two…I would go for NO ROOM TO DIE just because Nicoletta is in it (and because I like the music, too).

I am in the same boat as you Chris. I need to watch them both again to have a solid choice.

No room to die, the interaction between Stiffen and Berger makes it a better film than Django the bastard IMO.

Stranger’s Gundown and No Room To Die that have left lasting impressions on me and between those two No Room To Die is the best. For once a nice role for William Berger and he gets to carry a hell of a weapon… There’s no beating that… There is also a catchy tune in No Room To Die as far as I remember and that aint bad either.

I had to go with Vendetta at Dawn. I’m always surprised to see No Room To Die and Django the Bastard has so many fans.

No Graves On Boot Hill and No Room To Die!!!


I am going to go with No Room To Die as having Berger in it was the deciding factor. I always found him cool as hell.

Not only is No Graves on Boot Hill my favourite Garrone - it’s broken into my new ‘official’ Top 20 (No. 18) as of today.