Your Favorite "Pseudo-Westerns"

Wondering what everybody’s favorite pseudo westerns are. What I meant by pseudo western is:

  1. Films that aren’t westerns but contain western elements.
  2. Films that are Westerns but without the western setting.

Off the top of my head their are three I can thinking of,

First Blood

The Book of Eli

Assault on Precinct 13

Assault on Precinct 13 is great. With a small budget, a grim masterpiece would be made. Sensational atmosphere and suitable music. Along with Halloween, I think it’s his best film. OK, I admit, I’m not big fan of horror movies.

Another pseudo-Westerns is The Getaway by Sam Peckinpah. Has at least a few western elements.

I don’t see that much western influence on First Blood myself.

One of my favorite modern day westerns is Desperado by Rodriguez.

Last Man Standing is mentioned.
A remake of A Fistful of Dollars.

The Road Warrior

I am one of the few who enjoyed Once Upon A Time In Mexico.

[quote=“Silence, post:6, topic:2322”]I am one of the few who enjoyed Once Upon A Time In Mexico.[/quote]I hated it myself. First to Mariachi films were great but I thought OUATIM was just a big mess.

Extreme Prejudice is one I enjoy more every time I view the film.

Coogan’s Bluff.
Dust Devil is really a horrorish/supernatural one but it has an element of Leone style visuals, particularly in the desert, and a western dressed stranger.

Deadlock would qualify under these criteria - very good film.

Quite a few Easten ones are Westerns out of context - particularly Sukiyaki Western Django of course, but also Tears of the Black Tiger, which I remember enjoying.

Haven’t seen the two other ones, will check them out.

Bring me the heaf of Alfredo Garcia
The treasure of the Sierra Madre
A friend among strangers a stranger among friends from Nikita Mikhalkov

In a suden this are the ones that I think off

I have to 2nd Desperado, and Last Man Standing was a fun movie too (even though the director claims it’s a remake of Yojimbo, as if he never seen a fistful of dollars)

The Good, The Bad and The Weird out of Korea was a great, highly stylized Eastern-Western. I was lucky enough to catch it on a flight to Japan, especially since I don’t think it has much distribution here in the US where I am.

Oh, and I almost forgot No Country For Old Men. I think that technically has some western elements… and I’m just a huge fan of Cormac McCarthy.

The Fugitive - The Shaw one not the Harrison Ford one.

And Sukiyaki Western Django! Cause that one isn’t set in the west but some kind of weird dream landscape.

Some of my favourites have already been mentioned, but Southern Comfort is another Walter Hill classic that qualifies - you could easily swap the guardsmen and the Cajuns for cavalrymen and Sioux warriors, for example.

I also like (or used to like - haven’t watched it for years) Outland - High Noon in space.

[quote=“Bill san Antonio, post:3, topic:2322”]I don’t see that much western influence on First Blood myself.

One of my favorite modern day westerns is Desperado by Rodriguez.[/quote]

The story is pretty western like to me. A lone drifter who happens to be a war veteran enters a small town and clashes with the local sheriff!

Dead Man. Some might even say it is just a western but I think it is unique while being an obvious tribute to the genre.

I’ll have to go for EXTREME PREJUDICE.