Your favorite movie genres

Of course most people on this forum loves Spaghetti Westerns. But besides that? I must say that I like almost all kinds of Euro Movies…

French Policiers – Flic Story, La Bonne Anee. The Sicilian Clan, anything by Melville…

Beyond Westerns…

Film Noir
Dark Comedy

Shaw Brothers Kung Fu
Classic Horror
Crime Drama/Mob

Anything except comedies

horror of all kinds is my favourite genre from silent to right up to date, although i like all genres but romantic and musicals are my least favourite.

It’s got to be Film Noir.

I really enjoy musicals.

Thriller and horror films from the 70’s.

Besides westerns …probably action/crime/drama films from the 40s, 50s, 60s 70s, 80s and 90s. 70s being my favourite.

Other from SW’s its really hard to say.

Vietnam war
80s comedies
60s and 70s horror

30’s comedy

Westerns in general
80s Action movies [especially dumb, politically uncorrect ones ones]

I could go on like that, because i can pretty much enjoy any kind of movie, except maybe romantic comedies and the new movies that have lots of CGI instead of story or anything remotly interesting.

[quote=“John Welles, post:8, topic:1800”]I really enjoy musicals.[/quote]that’s fine, a lot of people do. i just think it’s stupid having frequent intervals of song and dance in films, i do like some musicals, my favourite musical is “West Side Story” and i also like “Carousel” and "Rocky Horror Picture Show"and a few others it’s just my least favourite film genre.

What about “Singin in the Rain” or the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers musicals? Do rate these?

[quote=“John Welles, post:15, topic:1800”]What about “Singin in the Rain” or the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers musicals? Do rate these?[/quote]singing in the rain is ok but not one of my favourite’s and no i’m not into astaire/rogers does not interest me at all. if you like them that’s fine, we are all film fans just with different tastes and views.

besides westerns I love the following:

Shaw Brothers Kung fu
British Horror - Hammer and Amicus (I love the Amicus anthology movies a lot).
Horror based on HP Lovecraft
Movies based on comic books (Hellboy, Watchmen, The Spirit)
Nature Run Amok movies
Hellraiser series
John Carpenter, Guillermo Del Toro, George Romero, Mario Bava, and Quentin Tarantino movies

Turkish movies with C.Arkin
Some Gialli
Deathwish rip-offs ang generally vigilante movies
Deliverance rip-offs
Italian post-apocalypse

There’s a pattern emerging here…

Westerns in general (especially 50s/60s/early 70s)
Film noir
Crime dramas/thrillers/polizieschi
Horror (mainly classic/Italian/European)
Martial arts (especially Shaw Bros)
Samurai/chambara films
Gangster films
War and sci-fi to an extent
Rom-coms (OK, not really, just wanted to appear rounded)

Euro crime
Silent films
Art house
Classic horror (especially Vincent Price films)
Old comedies (Marx bros. Laurel & Hardy etc)