Your favorite avatar!

OK, here it is by request (not really). For me, LVC’s are out (sorry Frank Talby, Pacificador & Col DM). So are Clint’s, Eli’s & Django’s. Which fit the best? Which do you like? Which do you miss? Who did I forget? Get sentimental. I give you my take on what we look like to each other here.

  1. Phil H - A classic! My favorite avatar here. Ironic that Anthony Steffan plays an actor. Sherp is correct, it does resemble him. What you can’t see in his avatar is that he has a 2 foot turkey leg in one hand & a beer in the other.

  2. Silence - That’s right buddy your new avatar is awesome & it fits you. Edgy yet innocent. It says ‘I’m undead & willing to suck your blood’ yet also ‘this hair in my face is bothering me‘.

  3. ENNIOO - He is his avatar. We joke that he is that old & he has to be. How else would someone under 65 have that much TV time to view all those movies.

  4. Dillinger - That subtle smile tells you all you need to know. I do hope you have better hair though. Every time his humor comes through in his posts, I look at that avatar. A perfect fit!

  5. Korano - Why post once when you can post multiple times? Why shot a man once when you can shoot him multiple times?

  6. Stanton - Although 1. I doubt he wears red eyeliner 2. He’s not a female & 3. He’s not Asian, his avatar suits him well. That stare from beyond the leather coat is intense. Nothing fits his attitude like a Korean revenge flick.

  7. Lindberg - No, he’s not an effeminate young inspiring pirate but CL fits him nicely. She is a super cool icon that matches his fiery wit.

  8. Rififii - I’m glad he switched back. The image does not always have to match the name. Bart Simpson morphed with Alex from Clockwork Orange. How can you go wrong? A perfect mixture of Bart’s animated youth & twisted British slangy, weird drug enduced rape & violence….Well I still like it anyway.

  9. Bad Lieutenant - Ok, it’s awful. It’s so awful, it’s great. It’s the Trash Western of avatars. Again, anyone who puts that mug on display for all to see, gets points from me.

  10. Reverend Danite - So he changes them regularly & shouldn’t even count but it’s my list & I make/break the rules. They are all fun to look at & the only thing that’ll make them match him better is if he could find one holding some cider. Here are some for future consideration…

While I exclude mine from the list, I do like it & feel it fits me perfectly. It’s got a few things going on at once . It overcompensates for my inability to multitask & stayed focused in real li……did I leave the oven on?

We miss you Johnny! Cost you a spot on my coveted list.

Honorable mention goes to Autephex although I could swear it looks like his avatar is sinking (where’s your chin?)

I like that.

Good list, good to be number 2!

I agree with the list - I love the non-spaghetti western avatars esp Phil and Silence - anyone who rocks a Paul Naschy movie is da man.

Phil’s is spaghetti

my bad - I realized the movie it was after I re-read it. :smiley:

I like the avatar of Silence the best.

Mine is from a Paul Naschy flick.[quote=“ENNIOO, post:7, topic:1941”]I like the avatar of Silence the best.[/quote]
Glad to hear that!

I’m quite sure we look all very similiar to our avatars :smiley:

yes I was aware of that - I merely lumped you and Phil together.

Some more than others perhaps :smiley: .

I greatly enjoy scherpschutter’s avatar, makes me forget about Hallyday…

I’ll go with ENNIOO’s…

I always thought Phil should have stuck with Lorenzo though, that would have taken my vote ! :wink:

You teens with your hormones

I hope not!

Before my days. What’d it look like?

Doesnt change the fact that ist is damn fine avatar.
…then again…

Also like Bill San Antonio’s avatar mainly because I love that villain…
Oh, Frank Wolff, whats with SW’s stars killing themselves…

true, but at first view it doesn’t appear so

The film is Spaghetti but maybe the scene isn’t?

Kind of you :slight_smile: .

Seriously, you are so nice. How can anyone not like you!

Well you never know :wink: . Thanks for the compliment though :slight_smile: .