Your favorite avatar!

(I...I...Idiot) #1

OK, here it is by request (not really). For me, LVC’s are out (sorry Frank Talby, Pacificador & Col DM). So are Clint’s, Eli’s & Django’s. Which fit the best? Which do you like? Which do you miss? Who did I forget? Get sentimental. I give you my take on what we look like to each other here.

  1. Phil H - A classic! My favorite avatar here. Ironic that Anthony Steffan plays an actor. Sherp is correct, it does resemble him. What you can’t see in his avatar is that he has a 2 foot turkey leg in one hand & a beer in the other.

  2. Silence - That’s right buddy your new avatar is awesome & it fits you. Edgy yet innocent. It says ‘I’m undead & willing to suck your blood’ yet also ‘this hair in my face is bothering me‘.

  3. ENNIOO - He is his avatar. We joke that he is that old & he has to be. How else would someone under 65 have that much TV time to view all those movies.

  4. Dillinger - That subtle smile tells you all you need to know. I do hope you have better hair though. Every time his humor comes through in his posts, I look at that avatar. A perfect fit!

  5. Korano - Why post once when you can post multiple times? Why shot a man once when you can shoot him multiple times?

  6. Stanton - Although 1. I doubt he wears red eyeliner 2. He’s not a female & 3. He’s not Asian, his avatar suits him well. That stare from beyond the leather coat is intense. Nothing fits his attitude like a Korean revenge flick.

  7. Lindberg - No, he’s not an effeminate young inspiring pirate but CL fits him nicely. She is a super cool icon that matches his fiery wit.

  8. Rififii - I’m glad he switched back. The image does not always have to match the name. Bart Simpson morphed with Alex from Clockwork Orange. How can you go wrong? A perfect mixture of Bart’s animated youth & twisted British slangy, weird drug enduced rape & violence….Well I still like it anyway.

  9. Bad Lieutenant - Ok, it’s awful. It’s so awful, it’s great. It’s the Trash Western of avatars. Again, anyone who puts that mug on display for all to see, gets points from me.

  10. Reverend Danite - So he changes them regularly & shouldn’t even count but it’s my list & I make/break the rules. They are all fun to look at & the only thing that’ll make them match him better is if he could find one holding some cider. Here are some for future consideration…

While I exclude mine from the list, I do like it & feel it fits me perfectly. It’s got a few things going on at once . It overcompensates for my inability to multitask & stayed focused in real li……did I leave the oven on?

We miss you Johnny! Cost you a spot on my coveted list.

Honorable mention goes to Autephex although I could swear it looks like his avatar is sinking (where’s your chin?)

(Phil H) #2

I like that.

(Silence) #3

Good list, good to be number 2!

(Frank Talby) #4

I agree with the list - I love the non-spaghetti western avatars esp Phil and Silence - anyone who rocks a Paul Naschy movie is da man.

(scherpschutter) #5

Phil’s is spaghetti

(Frank Talby) #6

my bad - I realized the movie it was after I re-read it. :smiley:


I like the avatar of Silence the best.

(Silence) #8

Mine is from a Paul Naschy flick.[quote=“ENNIOO, post:7, topic:1941”]I like the avatar of Silence the best.[/quote]
Glad to hear that!

(Paco Roman) #9

I’m quite sure we look all very similiar to our avatars :smiley:

(Frank Talby) #10

yes I was aware of that - I merely lumped you and Phil together.

(ENNIOO) #11

Some more than others perhaps :smiley: .

(Rififii) #12

I greatly enjoy scherpschutter’s avatar, makes me forget about Hallyday…

(Pacificador) #13

I’ll go with ENNIOO’s…

I always thought Phil should have stuck with Lorenzo though, that would have taken my vote ! :wink:

(I...I...Idiot) #14

You teens with your hormones

I hope not!

Before my days. What’d it look like?

(Rififii) #15

Doesnt change the fact that ist is damn fine avatar.
…then again…

Also like Bill San Antonio’s avatar mainly because I love that villain…
Oh, Frank Wolff, whats with SW’s stars killing themselves…

(I...I...Idiot) #16

true, but at first view it doesn’t appear so

(korano) #17

The film is Spaghetti but maybe the scene isn’t?

(ENNIOO) #18

Kind of you :slight_smile: .

(I...I...Idiot) #19

Seriously, you are so nice. How can anyone not like you!

(ENNIOO) #20

Well you never know :wink: . Thanks for the compliment though :slight_smile: .