Worst SW soundtracks

Okay, so what would be the worst SW soundtracks in your book?


  1. Keoma - Simply ridiculous, lyrics are literal descriptions of the scenes, female singer I can stand, but the male singer is the worse singer than me. But in the end it is so bad you are having fun listening to it.
  2. 4 of the Apocalypse - Also too literal, but at least the voice is not that bad, or maybe that is not good thing, because it is not ridiculously funny as Keoma’s.
  3. Ciakmull/The Unholy Four - Misplaced, too lighthearted, it ruins the atmosphere of the movie.

I think the Twilight Spaghetti Westerns will dominate anyone’s list as the songs are played throughout the film, rather than just over the title credits.

Two comes to my mind at the moment.

White Comanche
-William Shatner’s did one of the worst films of the genre and it has one of the worst scores too. Weird jazzy score that is not fit for a western.

Patience has a limit, we don’t
-Again one of the worst films of the genre with bad synthetizer music.

I like the score of 4 of the Apocalypse. And I just love Keoma soundtrack, only the male vocals are annoying and mostly because of the bad lyrics.

Not a fan of KEOMO or FOUR OF THE APOCALYPSE. Neither the films nor the soundtracks.

Keoma & Mannaja walk away with this one. FotA has a strange score that doesn’t altogether fit, and White Comanche’s smooth jazz is just hilarious, like the rest of the film.

I have to say, I’m not too keen on the Scott Walker Cemetery Without Crosses theme (The Rope & the Colt). I mean, it’s okay but it just doesn’t fit, imho. Sounds like bouncy cinema foyer muzak. Feels as though it would be more at home opening a Norman Wisdom comedy, or one of the Doctor in the House Dirk Bogarde pictures.

MANNAJA does have the ability to be a bit distracting. Really dig the movie, though.

And I never thought that about CEMETERY WITHOUT CROSSES. Interesting. I’ll have to watch it again and see if the music affects me on a revisit.

Unbearable! :smiley:


[quote=“JonathanCorbett, post:7, topic:3319”]Unbearable! :smiley:


What, the music or the animation? ::slight_smile:

Both are just lovable. Amazing moment at 0:55

The animation is awesome! ;D

Hey now, that was pretty catchy!

^Nah!.. It’s more like torture. :smiley:

Pain is pleasure.

I don’t really like the ones from Beyond the Law, Reason to Live Reason to Die… The Road to Fort Alamo probably has the worst opening song, imo… (I like all the music from the twilight spaghetti westerns)

[quote=“JonathanCorbett, post:7, topic:3319”]Unbearable! :smiley:


A catchy tune! Thanks for the link. :smiley:

I like it, too. Heck, I bought the soundtrack! :o

Sounds like a good choice! ;D

It cost me a pretty penny, so it’d better darned be! ;D

Here The Road to Fort Alamo… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOyqzktsHgU

Yeah, that does nothing for me…