Will there ever be a new Spaghetti western?

Wouldn’t it be nice if Quentin Tarantino or Rodriquez would take it upon themselves to make a new western in the true spirit of the spaghetti western? We new they create the proper atmosphere in their other films, so why not have them team up with, say Franco Nero, and create some new spaghetti magic? Redo Django or something. Morricone is still around for a new soundtrack!!!

De La Iglesia did something like that with 800 Balas… but it really would be nice if someone would do one again…

yeahit would be real cool. I bet Tarantino will do one, after his war films, he likes switching between genres and things, so i hope he’s go for a spaghetti western.

Spaghetti westerns were a product of their time and the politics of their time and produced as mass market entertainment for a country with a low television population. Although it’s obviously possible to make a western in the style of a SW, it can never hope to be the real thing, even shot in Spain and with original actors. And with over 600 of the real product to choose from, I’ve never understood why anyone would want to see an over-blown Hollywood copy anyway. Just my two cents… :smiley:

yeah, and given the star status of that genre, it will sure be a hit in Rom or Napoli theaters :slight_smile:

Noooo, Tarantino dosnt use over blown stars, and if anyones gonna do it… he will. I dont rate rodriguez very high after his once upon a time in mexico trilogy which was sooo over rated and un reallistic. We all know it;s a tribute to Leone but it’ defies all the realistic elements of the Leone films. I mean i guy with a rocket launhcer guitar case… pathetic.

But Tarantino would use a bunch of stars and maybe some itallian un-hollywood stars to get it done. He dosnt go over the top where it’s not nececary. He’s very tight with his money. And a huge fan.

I agree Tranatino could and the rumors are that Castelleri and Nero are doing something if they get the funds in order.

I quite enjoyed the recent Renegade, but then I didn’t have any expectations since I wasn’t familiar with Blueberry.

Pathetic??? Unrealistic??? Rodriguez is actually referring to Django with his Mariachis guitar cases full of weapons. Also the comic book violence and unrealistic action scenes are more like Corbuccis style than Leone.

My main beef with Rodriguez is that he basically made the same movie three times, I enjoyed the simple low budget El Mariachi the best.

If he was going to call it ‘Once Upon A Time In Mexico’ it was of course a homage to Leone, Django carries a coffin, but guitar cases, nope, don’t float with me. Rodriguez should have set them in an older time, there just the sam as any action movie ecept are in Mexico. He shoulkd hve set them at an older time. he plots are awful.

I think the name “once upon time in Mexico” was invented by Tarantino who also suggested Rodriguez to make the third Maricahi film.
I really liked two first films of the trilogy but I couldn’t stand the third one which had too confusing plot, too many characters. And too much of Johnny Depp.

Personally I really liked Once Upon a time in Mexico. I think it’s quite different than most action films created now a days.

And also, you can never have too much Johnny Depp.

I would love to see a Tarantino Western.

Also, the guitar ases are familiar with Banjo offa Sabata.

Where in SABATA do you see a guitar case? Berger just carries his banjo in any scenes that I can remember.

True, but the BANJO has a gun inside it. Like the guitar cases had guns inside them. Banjo’s and guitars are similar instruments.

Isn’t there an Italian western in the works starring Franco Nero and Mickey Rourke? I remember reading about it over at the www.fistful-of-leone.comhttp://www.fistful-of-leone.com forums awhile ago.

I know there’s definately a new Hollywood western in the works with Brad Pitt as Jessie James, I wouldn’t be surprised if that sucked. Of course I’ll reverse judgement at least until the critic reviews roll in. IMO the last great western was probably Unforgiven.

Christian Bruckner said in an interview that he thinks the only one who could pull it off would be someone like Quentin Tarantino, who has shown that he knows how to play with the features of Spaghetti Western and the use of Morricone music :_)

A year or so ago, the Spaghetti Western Web Board carried a story about a new collaboration between Sergio Sollima and Giuliano Gemma - I thnk it was a possibility rather than anything concrete. Does anyone remember the details? The lack of a search function on there really makes things difficult.

unlike here :slight_smile:

I remember the Nero-Castelleri colaboration on the SWIA web board, but not the Sollima-Gemma one. Though I think Tarantino could easily do a SW, there are even enough first wave SW actors still around to even give the genre some kind of continuity.

I got a kick out of watching Geoffery Lewis “My Name is Nobody” and Earnest Borgnine “A Bullet For Sandoval” in “Renegade/Blueberry” not long ago.