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The Frank Brana interview? :laughing:

Something to wet your appetite … Frank’s last interview at the 1st Almeria Western Film festival 2011 - the interview is conducted by a man sporting the most horrendous sweep over in the history of … history! :wink: He’s also one of those arseholes that want to talk more than the interviewee - Enjoy!

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The interview is on YouTube and the video has already been fandubbed. So, do you still want to buy it?

I already have, as a matter of fact. I collect every physical Blu-ray and DVD, English dubbed or subtitled spag, I can get my hands on - provided it doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg.

You must be very rich or have a lot of storage space or both. LOL.

Not rich but I have been known to do quite a bit of wheeling and dealing and bargain shopping at yard sales. As for room, my wife and I have an agreement. The entire house is hers to do with as she wishes but the room above the garage is mine. It is my theater room and three of the four walls are nothing but floor to ceiling shelves that hold my movies. It’s my hobby and it keeps me off the streets. :laughing:


I was not being serious and did not expect you to answer me. LOL.

Anyway, what is needed is a Blu-ray release of A Man Called Dakota, but I will settle for a HD YouTube version.

Man, that sounds like a sweet set-up. I have a Man Cave myself, but I still live at home with my folks, and I don’t wanna drive my Mom batty with too much shelving or too much clutter. It’s still a sweet spot though. :smiley:

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Well, you learned more than you wanted to know today. LOL Yeah, the one version on YouTube leaves a lot to be desired. Gordon Mitchell deserves better.

True - I just wondered because the WE DVD came out in 2016, and I don’t know enough about the back story of what materials exist for this movie. I also didn’t know about the French Artus release from 2019, and should have done!

Also have had usual experiences with WE, including the blus. Their Requiem for a Gringo is ace; A Bullet for the President sounded marred to me by the kind of faint hiss that might mark ?dodgy TV reception? Which is not to diss them, just to concur with what seems a widespread view. (I don’t usually …)