Why Go on Killing? / ¿Por qué seguir matando? / Perché uccidi ancora (José Antonio de la Loma, Edoardo Mulargia, 1965)

It seems that a German DVD is not so far away. But not officially announced yet.

And these riding scenes are somehow great.

I agree, fair evaluation. The outcome of Rojo’s attempt during the final confrontation is a nice touch.

Oh, I don’t mind them, the thick-headed, drowsy assistant is a rather bizarre character but there’s also a great - and serious - line for Sam (Franco Pesce):

[size=12pt]“Un giorno o l’altro ti porterò io in trionfo… Sul mio carro!”[/size]


Yep. It feels like a Edoardo Mulargia. Here’s the Italian locandina:

New OFDb entry dated today Sept.30, has the new Wild Coyote release listed with an English audio option. No subs.
Ditto Alive and Amazon. Hopefully that is the case.

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Watched the Wild Coyote DVD tonight. The picture is slightly cut lengthwise, somewhat grainy, and the colors not so good, but at least it has colors. It runs for 85 minutes, so it is still not uncut? Three audio options, English included, no subs. Pilar’s death scene is protracted compared with the versions I have seen before. Strong stuff. Also the opening credits are different. The best version I’ve seen so far. I like this one a lot, one of those which grow on you.

There were two different versions released theatrically in Italy.

The first one was rated VM14 in early December 1965, with the opening scene shortened and all slaps removed in the scene in which Ida Galli is beaten with the exception of three.

A second, re-edited version was submitted to censorship exactly five years later and rated T (all ages admitted).

In both cases the runtime was 88m30s, consequently 85 minutes is correct only if the frame rate is 25 FPS.

The Wild Coyote DVD is the 1975 version then. So the more brutal one had no age restriction. Did the 1965 version have the prolonged death struggle of Pilar? She is shot, Berti is leaving with Ida Galli, she is alone, lying on the floor, trying to drag herself towrads the door, close-ups of her face while Steven is riding towards Ranch L.

Bruckner’s runtime, taken from the Anica data, is given with 99 min, probably a typo.

I have stunningly 4 versions, all with different runtimes. The one taken from a German VHS is obviously cut, the other 3 run between 87 and 89 min.

I have two shorter versions, one with English audio and one with Spanish. Both run for 77 min. The scene where Ida Galli is beaten is cut in both, one slap only, then Pilar intervenes. Seems I have only seen a soft core version of this film before.

I have the Japanese DVD. I don’t see it listed on the database. Is it an official release?

Here are some screenshots from the Wild Coyote dvd:

Looks fine for me.
Runtime is exactly 84:51 min PAL

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Here’s some screenshots from the Japanese DVD I have:

As far as I am aware…yes official.

With the Wild Coyote DVD, the english audio stays in sync the whole time and there are no drop outs, but its by far the weakest of the 3 audio options. The music sounds great in Italian so I eventually watched it with that mostly, the story is easy to follow.

@Col. Douglas Mortimer

This is one of the worse Anthony Steffen movies I’ve ever seen.


Not agreed


Just rewatched it as part of the Spaghvember adventure.

Not sure what to think of it. I liked it better the first time around, probably because it has some style and lots of action to offer, but when rewatching it, i noticed how jerky the story-telling is, with lots of clichés and dramatic scenes (especially those involving the women) that are too melancholic and serious for what is essentially an action movie

Will rewatch it later in November. Certainly one of Steffen’ best.

This flick is slightly below standard IMO. Basically this movie is about horse riding between location a and location b to location c and back to location a. Liked Jose Calvo for sure as embittered patriarch. De Teffe is establishing his reputation as suffering but superior hero. Liked other De Teffe outputs more than this one, e.g Killer Kid.
Watched the German Wild Coyote release. I can confirm German, Italian and English soundtrack. Picture quality of the Japanese releases seems better to me.

Yes, of course, only the above-mentioned scenes (Reply #37) were cut in 1965.

I’m not sure about that, because also in the 2nd version there were cuts when compared with the unrated original.

Found the english audio on the Wild Coyote disc a little to filtered at times, that I had to crank the volume up.

Yes, and some parts of the English audio track sound tinny and canned.

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