Why Go on Killing? / ¿Por qué seguir matando? / Perché uccidi ancora (José Antonio de la Loma, Edoardo Mulargia, 1965)

(Bluntwolf) #1

DATABASE LINK: http://www.spaghetti-western.net/index.php/Perché_uccidi_ancora

In most parts entertaining SW starring Anthony Steffen:

  • hard revenge story
  • some nice duels and shootings
  • alright score

Overall: good average stuff IMO ! Even though my version seems to be slightly cut !!!

What do you think ???

(Sebastian) #2

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(Chris_Casey) #3

I pretty much agree with your take on this movie, Bluntwolf.
Some good action stuff (like most Steffen Westerns), entertaining, but overall rather routine.

(alk0) #4

Average movie in my opinion. I thought the plot was bit ‘unfinished’ [if you know what i mean], but it was definitely watchable.

(Stanton) #5

Early SW from 1965, and one of the few between FoD and Django which is a pure Spag and does not rely on american westerns.

It’s credited to Jose Antonio de la Loma, but was directed apparently by Edoardo Mulargia, and marks so his SW debut. His first out of eight, and if I set the completely different El puro apart, it’s his best out of the rest.

The 1st 40 min were promising, before routine elements took over for the 2nd half of the story.

I especially liked the music theme which was composed for the riding/chase sequences.

All in all a solid 5/10

(Stanton) #6

My version, copied from a german VHS, makes a drastically cut impression, in which the violence obviously was pruned down. Probably an act of self censorship because the VHS runs only about 84 min, 3 min shorter than the german cinema release version.

Bruckner lists the film with 99 min.

(Reverend Danite) #7

Mine also runs in at 84 mins. English dub/no subs video copy.

(Stanton) #8

To be correct the VHS runs only 81 min.

84 min is it with the Pal correction.

(Phil H) #9

Just added a review on this one to the database.



I watched this one today. A simple, straightforward SW with nice score. There was a basic problem in the character development, all of them seemed rather one-dimensional, more depth should have been added, at least to the main ones. I also thought that the direction and editing was quite lame in some of the chase scenes while they could have used something more impressive than that stone thing in the ending…
Just a bit above average as far as I’m concerned, OK film to pass 1,5 hour, but don’t expect much generally.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #11

This is one of the worse Anthony Steffen movies I’ve ever seen.

(Bill san Antonio) #12

[quote=“Col. Douglas Mortimer, post:11, topic:696”]This is one of the worse Anthony Steffen movies I’ve ever seen.[/quote]agreed.

(Phil H) #13

Most definitely not agreed. I actually think this is one of Steff’s better ones.

(Reverend Danite) #14

Not agreed


(ENNIOO) #15

I belong to the crowd who like this one. In fact the film was even better for me after a second viewing, in this simple but effective revenge film.

(Stanton) #16

[quote=“Reverend Danite, post:14, topic:696”]Not agreed


(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #17

I thought so LOL

(chuck connors brother) #18

Sort of agreed for now, might be better on the 2nd view with a better looking print, I thought the action scenes were well done.

(davidf) #19

saw this last night, and rather liked it. thought it started well, and was never boring. Anthony Steffen was ok in his first starring role, and the more of his films , i’ve seen the more he’s grown on me.As others have said some good action here, and some of these earlier SW’s are more preferable than the later ( post 1971) films. not a classic but an easily watchable film.6/10

(Bad Lieutenant) #20

Yes, 6/10
Nothing fancy, just a routine and ok time passer. The Italian title sucks. I much prefer the German one, though the Italian one fits the film better.