Which popular SW have you not seen yet?

I was wondering, does anybody besides me have a SW mentioned frequently (top 30 or so) that they have not seen? I still have not seen Cutthroats Nine for example. Has anyone else here not seen such a popular title?

I haven’t seen it either though i do have it. Also not seen Great Silence or The Mercenary.

Wow, I wasn’t expecting those titles to pop up.

Cut-Throats Nine is great. It’s probably the moodiest spaghetti I’ve ever seen. There is also some gore, but it would’ve been better without it.

Yeah must seem odd. I do now have Great Silence too but it’s near the bottom of a big pile. Don’t know why, but never felt the urge to seek out The Mercenary…guess i’ll have to one day though.

I too have not yet seen The Mercenary.

I’m pretty sure you aren’t allowed to post in the forums if you haven’t seen The Mercenary.

that sounds about right to me :smiley:

Still have to watch Requiescant

I own a DVDr and have planned to watch it at least a dozen times, me never got to it

I hadn’t watched Cut Throats Nine until very recently. Had avoided it as didn’t sound like my cup of tea. Actually I enjoyed it. Has its faults for sure but was much better than I expected.

Well, I think I’ll have to face the juggernaut too then …

I haven’t seen Vamos a matar Sartana. :slight_smile:

I haven’t seen The Big Gundown and Run Man Run. I have also avoided Cut Throats Nine but I will stop now ;).

CEMETARY WITHOUT CROSSES has been burning a hole in my to watch pile for a while. I don’t even have a copy of DAY OF ANGER as of yet. But i like knowing there are some goodun’s waiting to be seen.

Some of these popular ones are very hard finding as they are often out of stock.

Run Man Run is another one i haven’t watched. I do have it and started on it once but i’m afraid Milian’s character started to really irritate me and i gave up!

I watched the whole thing, but i think your way is better. ;D Too much of Milian’s Cuchillo is right.

Glad i wasn’t the only one. I didn’t find the character quite so bad in Big Gundown.

Nope, he was great in BIG GUNDOWN, too much of a good thing in RUN, MAN, RUN.

Didn’t know it was popular :wink:

Seems cool though, and I hope a release from Global does surface :slight_smile:

Myself I haven’t seen Duel in the Eclipse