Which popular SW have you not seen yet?

(I...I...Idiot) #1

I was wondering, does anybody besides me have a SW mentioned frequently (top 30 or so) that they have not seen? I still have not seen Cutthroats Nine for example. Has anyone else here not seen such a popular title?

(Silver) #2

I haven’t seen it either though i do have it. Also not seen Great Silence or The Mercenary.

(I...I...Idiot) #3

Wow, I wasn’t expecting those titles to pop up.

(Ming) #4

Cut-Throats Nine is great. It’s probably the moodiest spaghetti I’ve ever seen. There is also some gore, but it would’ve been better without it.

(Silver) #5

Yeah must seem odd. I do now have Great Silence too but it’s near the bottom of a big pile. Don’t know why, but never felt the urge to seek out The Mercenary…guess i’ll have to one day though.

(Pacificador) #6

I too have not yet seen The Mercenary.

(Søren) #7

I’m pretty sure you aren’t allowed to post in the forums if you haven’t seen The Mercenary.

(autephex) #8

that sounds about right to me :smiley:

(scherpschutter) #9

Still have to watch Requiescant

I own a DVDr and have planned to watch it at least a dozen times, me never got to it

(Phil H) #10

I hadn’t watched Cut Throats Nine until very recently. Had avoided it as didn’t sound like my cup of tea. Actually I enjoyed it. Has its faults for sure but was much better than I expected.

(scherpschutter) #11

Well, I think I’ll have to face the juggernaut too then …

(Bill san Antonio) #12

I haven’t seen Vamos a matar Sartana. :slight_smile:

(Silence) #13

I haven’t seen The Big Gundown and Run Man Run. I have also avoided Cut Throats Nine but I will stop now ;).

(Spaghetti Monkey) #14

CEMETARY WITHOUT CROSSES has been burning a hole in my to watch pile for a while. I don’t even have a copy of DAY OF ANGER as of yet. But i like knowing there are some goodun’s waiting to be seen.

(Silence) #15

Some of these popular ones are very hard finding as they are often out of stock.

(Silver) #16

Run Man Run is another one i haven’t watched. I do have it and started on it once but i’m afraid Milian’s character started to really irritate me and i gave up!

(Spaghetti Monkey) #17

I watched the whole thing, but i think your way is better. ;D Too much of Milian’s Cuchillo is right.

(Silver) #18

Glad i wasn’t the only one. I didn’t find the character quite so bad in Big Gundown.

(Spaghetti Monkey) #19

Nope, he was great in BIG GUNDOWN, too much of a good thing in RUN, MAN, RUN.

(Silvanito) #20

Didn’t know it was popular :wink:

Seems cool though, and I hope a release from Global does surface :slight_smile:

Myself I haven’t seen Duel in the Eclipse