Which movie S.W. movie prop would you like to own?

If anyone was miraculously given the chance to own an original film prop (or two) from a Spaghetti Western, then which would they choose?
For me, it would definitely be the original ‘No Name’ poncho, gunbelt and snake-handled colt.
Second choice would probably be either Charles Bronson’s harmonica from ‘Once Upon a Time…’, or Lee Van Cleef’s hat, cape, and derringer from ‘Sabata’…

Django’s coffin and machine gun!

I once had Nero’s whiskers and moustache from The Mercenary …

Top pic …
I’d quite like a closer look at this chest …
… of drawers!
Bottom pic …
I’d quite like to see more of this butt …
… the water-butt!!

Actually I’d like the model galleon that blows ya to bits from Adios Sabata.
But favorite would be Django’s pistol wedged on his wife’s grave marker, from the final shot in the film.
(Oh yeah, and the whip used on Loredana from the same :P).

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Guns, guns and more guns! I’ll take Lee Van Cleefs saddle pack from FAFDM.

Also, Christopher Connollys dreadnought from Django Strikes Again. I’d like to see all those jet-ski bastards trying to buzz me if I was fishing from that instead of the little tub I have to make do with now.

As for costumes, I’d love one of Fernando Sancho’s particularly scummy Mexican bandito outfits. Of course, I’d have to drink way more beer until I filled out enough for it to fit correctly…

Great topic! I really love the idea :slight_smile:

Why only one or two props? Mayby I’m greedy, but I would take a bunch of things! Berger’s banjo from “Sabata” and his sheriff amulet from “Face to face”, Lee’s skull necklace from “Death rides a horse”, Nero’s headband from “Keoma”, Fonda’s duster from “Once upon a time in the west”, Gian Maria Volonte’s pocket watch from “For a few dollars more”, Merli’s hat from “Mannaja” and moooore. I’m sure one thing - I definitely wouldn’t take Brynner’s outfit from “Adios, Sabata”. I like YMCA, but i don’t want to look like Village People member :smiley:

PS It’s my first post, so welcome everybody! :smiley:

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I wonder if these items still exist or if they were thrown away?

Anybody know??

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[quote=“Lindberg, post:8, topic:1156”]I wonder if these items still exist or if they were thrown away?

Anybody know??[/quote]I remember reading somewhere that Clint Eastwood has the poncho and boots he wore in the Leone films.

It’s a pity it’s not ‘which movie prop you would like to be’ because then i would answer ‘the towel edwige fenech uses after the bath pictured above’ :smiley:

I’m pretty sure that these items still belong to Clint Eastwood, and that he ‘temporarily’ donated them to the Los Angeles Sergio Leone Exhibition held in 2005.
Did anyone manage to attend that??
I understand that - after having finished working for Leone on ‘GBU’ in 1966 - Eastwood kept the poncho, and later displayed it in his restaurant in Carmel, California, ‘The Hog’s Breath Inn’. The boots, which he also kept, were originally acquired in ‘Rawhide’, but were also worn by Clint in the magnificent ‘Unforgiven’. I’m not 100% sure if he actually used the boots in the ‘Dollar Trilogy’…??
These items were all exhibited in a glass case at the Los Angeles Exhibition, which I was fortunate enough to attend (I’m still paying for the plane tickets!!)
The famous snake-handled colt - used by Eastwood in the ‘Trilogy’ - was acquired during the 2nd episode of ‘Rawhide’, called ‘Incident at Alabaster Plain’. It was also displayed in the glass case at the Los Angeles exhibition, and looked stunning.alongside other garments worn by the immortal ‘Man With No Name’.

I’d love to have one of Lou Castel’s boomerangs from MATALO, Anthony Steffen’s prop skull from A MAN CALLED APOCALYPSE JOE, or William Berger’s awesome multi-barreled shotgun from UNA LUNGA FILA DI CROCI (NO ROOM TO DIE).

Anything Van Cleef ever used but his entire outfit, pipe, hat, etc. from Death Rides a Horse would be cool!

His mullet wig from God’s Gun?!!!

Why not? If I had owned that wig, I would have burned it! :smiley:

I probably would wear it and take a walk through the city just to see how the bypassers would react :smiley:

I should have said, “Almost anything…”


the deringer pistol of sartana :slight_smile:

The pantys Claudia Cardinale wore in OUATITW. :stuck_out_tongue: