Where do you buy your DVDs/Blu-rays?

(Starblack) #41

I’ve used amazon.de (including the marketplace) many times without problems. However, when I tried to pre-order Koch’s Ruthless Four from them the other day, it went straight to the checkout - have they changed their policy? When I’ve pre-ordered in the past, I’ve not been charged until the disc has actually been released.

(Andy) #42

I mostly use ebay buy-it-now but ebay is also good for the occasional rare and/or out of print stuff. I’ve only been ripped off once and that was about 7 years ago. Also it’s easy if you want to buy DVDs from the UK or anywhere else really for example Thailand.

(Farmer_J) #43

Every now and again, I used a site called Alibris.com, which is like a very cheap amazon, I once got around 5 Noshame dvd releases long OOP for only 23 pounds and shipping from the US to UK was only 1.26.

(Phil H) #44

These days I tend to buy more from my local FOPP (Shaftsbury Avenue, London) than anything else. I tend to spend a load of my lunch breaks browsing in there and they do have a lot of stuff cheaper than you can buy it on line. In particular I have picked up a lot of old British films there from Network and Odeon plus some Italian stuff from Shameless and Arrow. Also some fantastic deals on the more arty european director box sets. I don’t need any of the Spaghettis they have but they do have a good selection of them anyway. UK releases that is of course. They even have all the old Cest la Vie releases currently selling for £2 a pop.

I still buy stuff from amazon when I need to but it feels good to give some money to a real shop.

(morgan) #45

Visited FOPP yesterday on your recommendation. Not much in line of spaghetties, but otherwise you can spend some time there. I picked up a Kurosawa crime collection (Stray Dog and three others).

And I realized I have been there before, some years ago, late in the evening, the door open, attracted by the music, they were playing Ornette Coleman, nobody there but the guys behind the counter, so I tried to greet them in a friendly manner: - That was a nice surprise, walking into a shop in London and young people are playing the double quartet. Answer: And we have a surprise for you, we are not young people…

(Phil H) #46

The western section is in the basement on the left hand side. It’s not large as you say but last time I was in there they had pretty much every Spaghetti with a UK release I could think of except maybe Man Called Noon. The Arrow ones tend to be separate in the BluRay section. Glad you found something worthwhile in there anyway.

(morgan) #48

It will be another place to visit every time in London!


For spaghetti western, I use these.


For horror, crime, neo-noir

For Grindhouse