Where are you from, stranger?

Howdy there, stranger! Say, amigo, where are you from?

I am from south-east Germany, studying in the beautiful city of Regensburg.

Howdy my boy,

I’m also German but more of a Hessian mercenary than of a southern gunslinger !!!

I am from the Netherlands. Shame on you to forget us in your list :wink:

I am from Saxony - east Germany.

don’t draw your gun, gringo! I have changed the poll. you can change your vote if you want

I"M FROM THE GREAT STATE OF TEXAS. where 180 men held off 5000 for 13 days…and home of some of the most onery guntoters who ever lived…JOHN WESLEY HARDIN.SAM BASS."TEXAS"JACK REED.JOHN KING FISHER.“CHEROKEE” BILL CRAWFORD.BONNIE AND CLYDE…they raise em’ mean in these parts ;D

Old German province (Volksdeutscher) Batschka, Ungarn. Live in Las Vegas, Nevada

Vote changed, no offence taken and I will keep my gun holstered.

A lot of germans here. I tought so seeing most of the reply’s.

I live in Östersund in the middle of Sweden, although everything north of Stockholm is considered to be “the north of Sweden”;D.

One more Swede, from Stockholm this time.

I recognize the face and name from somewhere… ::slight_smile: ;D

I am also from Germany ,i live in a small town between Bavaria and Hesse .A very boring place :wink:

I live in the southern part of Sweden close to Denmark.

New York & Montana

now that’s what I call one hell of a commute :wink: haha

I live in Melby Denmark.

[quote=“cigar joe, post:14, topic:239”]New York & Montana[/quote]my dream is to one day own a cabin in some valley in montana with buffalo grazing in my pasture.how are land prices in mt?

commute = 2,750 miles, land prices on the east side of the divide are still low, better than on the Pacific Slope.

What am I the only crazy Canuck from Canada on here? LOL

Van James

I’m from the “coastal leisure town” of Herne Bay; well that’s what the sign says! In merry ‘ol England.