Where are you from, stranger?

California in the US of A.

born in the south

US of A

Scotland , UK

Anaheim, California. U.S.A. - where it’s been hotter than hell the past month.

a town called hell

N o r w a y

I love norway, such a nice place. where exactly are you from?


From Liège, Belgium

From Little Belgium, 20 km west of Brussels. :slight_smile: A town called Affligem where they make great beer. ;D . But, just as Jonah Hex, I’d like to settle in a nice place in the US like Montana or Wyoming or just someplace not too crowdy.


Funny that no one is from Italy.

Maybe the italians have their own italian-speaking websites for spaghettis?

Why isn’t Finland on the list?

Veda, Sundance, Bill san Antonio, they’re all from Finland right?

I’m from São Paulo, Brazil.

Hello and welcome to the board!

I am also impressed that there is no spanish and no Italian and its seems SW got strong impact in northen europe

So i am French, but i live in Japan,so I’m not so arrogant ;D

i am from the north-east of germany, more precisely from the Isle of Rügen (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rügen).

Hello everyone!
I’m from Szczecin, city located in north-west of Poland.
[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Szczecin if someone is interested;)]

Hi everyone, I’m from Amsterdam, Holland. :slight_smile: