What you do for a living/what are your hobbies?

Discussing topics & getting to know you & your opinions has been great, but I am curious to know a little bit more about yourselves. What you do for work, what are your hobbies (other than movies obviously). There must be more to you than your avatar.

There is a hobbies and interests thread here:


I’m not sure if there is an occupation thread.

I’m a student in High School and I don’t have much time for hobbies other than Spaghetti Western collecting and evaluating them artistically.

I like making my own short movies (in Lego). Here’s a link for my Youtube account:

I also took the role of the Youtube supporter in the forum so here’s a link for The site’s

High school? wow, way ahead of me at 15

I’m actually 16 today. :slight_smile:

Happy birthday, mate!

Yes, Many happy returns Korano!

Happy bday Korano all the best.

I was shocked when you said you were 16, you seem very intelligent and mature for your age. You must get straight A’s in school LOL.

They don’t call me the old man for nothing. Even though I hate it when they do. Thanks all.

Welcome to the club :wink: .

Happy Birthday, Korano

Hope you discover some more great Spags the next year

happy birthday Korano.it’s good to see teenagers intrested in older films rather than all the remakes and CGI films of today.you’re a good 'un :wink:

I’m teenager too. Happy birthday Korano!

How old Silence ?

12, one of the youngest in the forum I guess.

That does explain a few things :slight_smile:

Was viewing Spaghetti westerns myself at this age aswell :slight_smile: .

Happy birthday Korano & Silence at 12 & watching sw’s, I’m impressed. I work at a major retail chain (which explains my anger towards stupidity), I worked in an HMV record store for 10 years (which explains my eclectic love of music). I was a hip hop dj since 1988 & make beats to this day. I also shoot darts in a league (which explains my sometimes late Tuesday night drunken posts). I am curious to match the profession with the avatar & views on the forum.

The forum has a good mixture of older folks who saw SWs when they first came out and younger generation as well. SWs are suited for both young and old, sophisticated and simple tastes, people of all nationalities, races, genders, religion and creed.

I love Spaghetti Westerns!