What would you want to see in a new spaghetti western?

[quote=“tom, post:18, topic:256”]or even better not in mexico, maybe in a europian city, poland ,russia , some big german/french city like in the movie killing zoe. a good movie with modern rats! prostitutes drug dealers no wishkey drinkers but crack heads, no cowboy heads but base ball caps no mexicans but turkeys with strong excent! weist du ich bin toch immer correct! ich bin der correcte man![/quote]how is this a sw? or for that matter how is it differnt than dozens of other action movies?

If you want to make a new sw you should think new, and not make a remake of a movie that was allread made in 1965 and not edding somethin to it, wy make a remake than? spaghetties also chansed the traditional westerns and for that time they were very brute, so maybe you should stay in that tradition of the spaghettie by being extreme voilent.what also a must for a sw thats it made in europe. that i find the most interesting about the sw not the outfits or the horses. so I think by using these segments you can make a more interesting open idea for a mvie than to limmit yourself to a cowboy movie, than you get a sad movie like dollar for the dead.

@tom: well, maybe I’m going to upload a short trailer…
by the way: as the italian actors used “amercanized” names, we will make italian pseudonyms out of our german names ;D

for example?..Thomaldo kalzone ???

Yeah, something like that ^^ Never heard the italian name Thomaldo ;D does it exist in reality??

I dont thi nk so, but it sounds italian :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe drugs

Usually they are called Zapata Westerns,or ??? :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Zapata Westerns are movies about the Mexican Revolution, I think…
The Rodriguez Movies are about a mexican Mariachi carrying a guitar-case full of guns, nothing but revenge in his mind… very spaghetti-like, but it is set in nowadays’ Mexico… By the way: The last one of the Mariachi-Trilogy, “Once Upon A Time In Mexico” has lot of influences taken from “The Good, The Bad And The Ugly” (A silent stranger, the bad guy and a corrupt CIA-Agent between them…)

of course they are not because they aren’t Spaghetti Western.I always thought Zapata Western are subordinate to Spaghetti Westerns. ;).
Yeah Once upon atime in Mexico is very influenced by the Spagsbut i think it isn’t that good.There could be more and the dialogs are just :-\ .

I always thought about it: “too much of Agent Sands” … but I think this should be compared to the part of Tuco in GBU… OUATIM is not one of my very favourite films, Desperado was the better one!

I prefer “El Mariachi”.

how about new weapons? Something instead of the same six shooter we see in every movie?

A sword?

in sabata,lee van cleef uses a very cool gun:

No I was thinking something like this

I dont get the desire for all these “crazy” concepts. Are you guys sure its a spaghetti western you want? I prefer my westerns to have a certain amount of :-\authenticity

Wouldn’t work. Those type of guns did not exist in that time period. That would be like having a heavy metal band in a film that places during the Medieval Times.

Me too. Adding something that wasn’t around then makes it look really cheesy. Honestly, could anyone have taken Lee Van Cleef or Clint Eastwood seriously if they were both packing uzis? Let alone laugh at the general thought of it? If you ignore authenticity, the film will suck. Learn from the mistake Hollywood has been making for many years.

I was thinking of a modern day western? know what I mean?