What would you want to see in a new spaghetti western?

I have a great script, producer, funding, etc and am starting to film one this Sept. As fellow fans of the genre, what would you personally like to see in it ? I’ve already got ideas of things I’d like to see, but am curious for more opinions.

Where are you going to shoot it?

Arizona ;D

lots of smoking,no political correctness,a "leone " final showdown,and an albino bad guy of course ;D

Hmm, Arizona, but then it won’t be a true spaghettiwestern. You should go to Spain instead :wink:

hmmm Perhaps I shoud say “spaghetti-style western” instead ? Ironic. They were shot to look like the southwest States. I get to shoot in the southwest States. Anyways, yes, plenty of smoking, grittiness, no “pretty” people, and most is set in a brothel so a lot of that is covered already.

Are you a professional film-maker or is this some sort of hobby project?
You should tell us a little more about yourself.

Personally I don’t want to see a new “spaghettiwestern” shot in the states, whats the point really?

If you’re serious about making a western you should try to make something new, not just a copy of these old films.

Every film-maker should not copy other movies.

c’mon everybody borrows from somebody,“there is nothing new under the sun”.

borrow is okay but not copy ,there is a big difference

Guns lots of crazy type guns, custom jobs you know the sort of thing. Oh and extreme close-ups of eyes and people eating very messily!
Just go for it!

People eating very messily is an important part of spaghettis ;D

Music the makes it feel like a spaghetti Western…

Guns lots of crazy type guns, custom jobs you know the sort of thing. Oh and extreme close-ups of eyes and people eating very messily!

No no crazy guns, that gets way too cartoonish, just real guns that existed (some of those were pretty unusual). Keep it ultra realistic, no love stories, if you have Native Americans please keep thier costumes realistic too. Strive for realism, with picaresque characters, and stay away from a cast that all look like they just got out of high school, get people that look as if they have lived a hard life, get ugly scared and maimed actors preferably with bad teeth, lol.

Well, we’re going to shoot one in Germany… very strange too, but in winter, it looks exactly like “The Grand Silence” ^^

would be nice to have a spaghetti in a more today tipe of atmosphere. maybe its not a westrern anymore in a way that the movie plays in the old west but in a modern city. they should keep the atmosphere of the old sw the dirty closes, the ugly faces , the dirty rats dubbel crossing eatch other. I can imagen that a figure as tuco could be translated ina modern imagrent, instade of gold they could chase drugs or guns nono drugs are better. would be nice to put some new influense in the sw a new pint of view…but than it would be a sw any more I think…

maybe sw should have some more drug influence ;D

Yeah, great… like “Desperado” / “Once Upon A Time In Mexico” … great “spaghetti-style” action movies in modern settings, or, as the director calls them: “Mexican Spaghetti Western”

or even better not in mexico, maybe in a europian city, poland ,russia , some big german/french city like in the movie killing zoe. a good movie with modern rats! prostitutes drug dealers no wishkey drinkers but crack heads, no cowboy heads but base ball caps no mexicans but turkeys with strong excent! weist du ich bin toch immer correct! ich bin der correcte man!


keoma, you were saying : we are going to shoot one…etc" are you going to maske a movie yourself? whaT SHOULD THINK of , is it a serious project or are you going to do something nice with friends? It sounds very interesting. what are your plans