What Was the First Film You Ever Saw in the Cinema?

Mine was one of the “Star Wars” movies. I’m not sure which one it was, but I came away from it amazed. It was my favourite film for years when I was a child.

The great mouse detective 1986

I remember that as being quite good (but I havn’t seen it for years). Do you still like it?

“The Jungle Book” (1967)

Pete’s Dragon (1977) or The Rescuers (1977)
IMO both are very underrated movies! :smiley:

“Star Wars” (1977)

Edward Scissorhands is the first I remember.

The first one I remember was Star Wars at age 3.

Some of us are aging ourselves here. Honestly, I can’t remember. I did see Star Wars, Clash Of The Titans, The Outsiders, Raiders Of The Lost Arc & Arthur. I guess it was Star Wars.

We’re all older than dirt…

Mine was a French comedy with Louis de Funès, Le Petit Baigneur
The title means “The Little Swimmer”, but actually is the name of a boat

I saw the film when it was first released, with my parents and my little sister
Louis de Funès was enormously popular in those days; he’s probably best-known for his gendarme movies, in which he plays the clumsy, short-tempered gendarme Cluchot
I have no idea how popular he was (or is) in the English speaking world

This is the most famous scene of the movie, with English audio (De Funès is the man in blue, not the priest):

I barely remember anything about it except Toby the dog LOL. I was a dimwitted 6 year old. In fact I originally thought the name of the movie was called Toby. I don’t remember even understanding what the movie was about. I didn’t see another film in the cinema for another two years until the Last Emperor 1988.

I’m peering back through the mists of time but I’m just not sure. It could well have been a Disney film, in the mid-Seventies. Bambi perhaps.

I can recall going to see Star Wars, and was, like every other boy, completely absorbed and enthused by it.

One intriguing early memory is my mum taking me to a double bill consisting of (I think) the late Seventies remake of The Thief of Baghdad and Aldo Lado’s The Humanoid (the music stayed with me more than the film itself).

Catchy main theme.

I’m really not sure either but it would be either Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs or The Wizard of Oz at the Lea Bridge Road Odeon around 1964.

Both these films had a big effect on me which is difficult to imagine now where we normally see such things on TV. But in a big darkened cinema as a small boy both had moments which genuinely scared me.

Not all, just you :wink:

Actually, from the looks of some of these titles, you’re not alone.

It looks like alot of people’s movie expirence started with “Star Wars”…

My first visit to a cinema was a screening of PUMUCKL. I was maybe 5 or so.

For a moment there, when I read the begining of your post, I thourght you ment the 1940’s version, which would mean you are as old as the hills!

One of the Winne The Pooh films.