What SW would you choose to be seen in 3D

OK like I already have the Glasses I remember this one
Apart from being another technology to spend more money at least in the equipments, let’s hope that not the source (After VHS/BETA Videodisc, CD, Bluray I think it’s enought), #D can be quite fun with some SW

For me my first choices and whithout thinking too much would be;
Django and Companeros

Viva Gringo Ramone

There has already been one 3D Spaghetti Western, which was Comin’ at Ya!

I would say the one on top of my top20.

Duck you Sucker

Any other answer would be somehow strange…

Films in 3D give me a headache.

Actually I don’t even know what I’m talking about. Being disgusted by all that digital crap I didn’t watch that Avatar thing.

I had to and see some animation film with meatballs I have nephews so. I choosed the meatballs instead of Avatar, that’s how i remembered this topic. Anyway Duck you sucker it’s a good choice to see the ears of Antoine Saint-John, in 3D must be sometning :slight_smile:

I forgot about coming at ya, it’s the one with Victoria Abril

Viva El Gringo Ramone

Too many technology. Still prefer the old-school ways. ;D

3D it’s almost as old as cinema

I still remeber when they broadcast the Monster of the Lake in National television, back in the eighties

Viva El Gringo Ramone

[quote=“Dillinger, post:3, topic:2273”]I would say the one on top of my top20.

Duck you Sucker

Any other answer would be somehow strange…[/quote]

Got that: Once upon a Time in the West for CC’s balcony

Would like to see SW with Anthony Steffen in 3-D. ;D

I guess his acting is as flat in 3D as it is in 2D

Wonder if his large hats will be even bigger in 3D :slight_smile: .

If you see him in 3-D you’ll think he is gonna roll into you :smiley:

None of them, keep them as they are

Good one :wink:


apocalypse joe! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d love to see Tony Anthony come out of retirement and direct a new 3D movie, but hell, any of his existing 3D movies in 3D with the new technology would be good for me.

Other than that, 3D doesn’t interest me much and, yes, it gives me a slight headache also. I admit I am intrigued by the upcoming Mountains of Madness movie from Del Toro, but he’s a rare kind of director who might be able to use the 3D to best advantage and create something epic and otherworldly.

Man Called Noon

Quite honestly, I definitely don’t want to see any spaghetti westerns in 3D other than those designed to be screened in 3D. One of the great things about the best spaghetti westerns is that the directors really used the screen like a canvas, creating fantastic compositions. The Italian directors tapped into a monumental artistic heritage and you can see the influence of Italian opera, literature, sculpture and painting.

The best spaghetti westerns are literally packed with fantastic, interesting compositions which have been created with a two-dimensional screen in mind. The best directors are not simply giving you a window into events, they are representing those events and using the camera to flter the action for the audience. It’s that which is really interesting and demonstrates the supreme skill of the film maker, and I don’t want to see it fucked with any more than I want to see the artworks of Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo fucked with. As soon as you put one of those films into 3D it’s distorted in such a way that you start to lose sight of the director’s vision for the film.

I’m not against 3D per se, but it has to be used right. Retrospectively rendering great spaghetti westerns into 3D is not a good use of the technology in my opinion.