What other forums do you belong to

Just wondering what other forums do you go to?

lol: www.tarantino.info/forum ;_)

Myspace.com (probably no forum, but a place for friends :wink: )


I now have a Jess Franco blog with reviews of his films (and he did make some westerns in Spain and France) and DVDs. www.robertmonell.blogspot.comhttp://www.robertmonell.blogspot.com


www.altnation.com, music mag, I’m a writer there

none,because most of the other ones apart from this site are full of assholes!

www.moviemeter.nl The best Dutch moviewebsite.
www.thefellowship.nl a Dutch LotR website.
www.tarantino.info/forum(needs no explanation)

LOL! That’s pretty much how i feel. I’ve been on a few forums and they so often seem to degenerate into backstabbing and bitching, and some individuals throwing their weight around. So, for me, this is now the only forum. Even the disagreements here are handled politely and humorously, which has not been the case on other forums. Apart from that, i think i still have an account on fanfiction.net but haven’t been on there for a couple of years!

These other forums sound like where I used to work in an office, and I am so glad I work for myself now, as I do not get any of this bull.

Besides from this one i only read in some forums. Mostly in fc-brett.de the forum of my favourite football club fc cologne.
I think here anybody can have different oppinions. Even negative ones are accepted. Okay as long as you dont diss leone, haha.
I am only an asshole in the football topic!

LOL…the other night, a friend tried to persuade me to join the Robin Hood (the bbc series) forum because for some reason she didn’t want to go it alone. I think you can probably guess what my answer was… :stuck_out_tongue:

The other moviesites I usually hang around is

Yay! me too lolz!


Another spaghetti western forums in spanish.

I only visit two besides this one.

People interested in Eurocrime should visit this side.


This side has a lot of reviews, also of SW’s, and a decent forum.


Im not a member but the reviews are really good. they are one of the few places that have exploitation reviews, plus the people talk alot about exploiation movies.

[quote=“Dorado, post:16, topic:337”]I only visit one besides this one.


Dorado as one Dane to another, I have to invite you to join in the spaghetti western thread we have going here:


Need all the help it can get!

I run www.wildwestforum.com

I set it up after the True West site kept crashing and the members didn’t have anywhere to post. Got a pretty good group over there, although not a lot of interest in spaghetti films, which is why I come over here from time to time. There’s some good original material posted from Chuck Lewis, a published western author and a bunch of good folks. We also use SMF, so the look and feel is a lot like this site.

Happy to have any of you folks stop by, but for spaghetti stuff, this is the place.

Wildest Western Films at http://tectorgorch.proboards74.com/
My personal favorite.