What other forums do you belong to

Sergio Leone Web Board (I’m called Durango there), Lovelockandload (Silence), Cinemageddon (SilenceSWDB), Voodoo Film Forum (Shango).

And what forum do you like best then Silence ?

This one!

Sergio Leone Web Board (BOOORRRIIINNNGGG!) as Manuel (no reason)

Love Lock and Load (Didn’t get thatwarm of a welcome. Kind of ignored)

[quote=“korano, post:24, topic:337”]Sergio Leone Web Board (BOOORRRIIINNNGGG!) as Manuel (no reason)

Love Lock and Load (Didn’t get thatwarm of a welcome. Kind of ignored)[/quote]
Yes I have to agree.

I also belong to the Sam peckinpah forum but it’s a little under managed as its just staring but c’mon. Get her started for real!

I also do but I haven’t seen any of Peckinpah’s films!

Well you best get started. You seem like the kid who canhandle film violence in a mature way. But don’t watch it with the parentals unless they allowit cause his films are very violent. Especially the Wild Bunch.

Thanks! And I also belong to the Grindhouse Database Forum (Silence).

I’m entertaining the idea of joining that one but I’m not too big on exploitation cinema.

I see… But if you want another great forum it’s highly recomended, you’ll see some members from this forum around there!

Good to hear.

No other forums (this takes up enough of my time) but I do belong to cinemageddon. As do a few others here…

AVManiacs forum (former DVDManiacs). Cinemageddon as well but i don’t think it counts, i don’t post there

as well as this one i am on HORROR MOVIES CA under the name of Wolfman 1959 and also a member of IMDB but don’t use that much now as it’s full of mis informed sheep.

I too am only a member here. I was a member of a few others over the years but there’s a select group of asswipes out there that take the fun out of everything. So to you asswipes of the world I salute you.

I know what you mean !

and it has been on horror movie boards where the trolls reside…

zombiekeeper.com (no long in existence)
visions of terror (another one not around)
b-headed.com (a good one but that went way of the do-do too)

Thankfully this board is top notch I seriously mean it. I have enjoyed gaining knowledge of my favorite genre over the last year or so and there’s plenty of calm and collected individuals here that make it enjoyable. Let’s keep the trend going.

nowadays this one is pretty much the only one I visit anymore, also one finnish movie forum but I mostly read it and write only occasionally. I used to visit lovelockandload some time ago but not so much anymore. Dvdmaniacs forum was also one I used to visit but if I remember correctly the forum went down for a while and you needed to register again and I just didn’t bother anymore.

I belong to Cinemageddon as SilenceSWDB