What Is The Most Unpleasant Scene in a Spaghetti Western That You Have Watched?

For my money (and I havn’t seen that many Spaghetti Westerns) it is part of “A Fistful of Dollars”, where during the beating up squence of Clint Eastwood one of the henchmen stubs a burning cigar into his hand. It always make’s my stomach turn and think “That has got to hurt”.

Some of the stuff in Blindman

Please elaborate.

I remember a scene with the prostitutes running away into the desert and being shot by the bandits

There’s also a scene with a man who has his eyes burned out with a cigar, if I’m not mistaken

I found the film completely pointless and tasteless, but i noticed some people here think highly of it

I don’t like some of the early scenes in Duck you Sucker, in which rape is presented in a funny way, either. It’s like the rape scene in High Plains Drifter: pointless, senseless, and not funny.

Not only shot.

I don’t like the rape scene in DYS either, but I should rewatch the film.

I like Blindman a lot but the eye burning out scene was really akward.

Terence Hill talking to his horse in Lucky Luke.

He does that in the comic books, too.

Blindman is the guiltiest pleasure in my DVD collection, and one of the very few spaghetti westerns that I would say is touched by (twisted) genius, but as soon as I saw this topic, I thought of the climactic scene. Not just the eye-burning, but the way the blinded villain meets his end - his gun empty, whimpering piteously, being sadistically shot to death by our ‘hero’. As others have noted above, the treatment of women in the film is pretty hair-raising throughout, but this is the scene that really leaves a nasty taste in the mouth.

I wouldn’t call it genius, but it’s so damn good directed that it’s hard to believe for me that it was made by muddle director Baldi.

Yes he does. But I can imagine that it would look pretty silly in a film.

It looks like “Blindman” is the most unpleasant Sapghetti Western!

Yes, that would look really weird.

Guess it is! Not the most violent but the most unpleasant.

The stuff in Blindman didn’t bother me at all, I think O Cangaçeiro was pretty unpleasant for me, just a depressing atmosphere through the whole film.

Let’s not forget Django and The Great Silence!

I’m surprised Col. Douglas Mortimer hasn’t mentioned El Puro :smiley:

I’d say Blindman is pleasant to watch in that it is very entertaining. But unpleasant in it’s woman violence and the rather cruel deaths often with unarmed or helpless villains. Poor Ringo’s gun is empty when he gets shot in the back by Blindman who makes him suffer a bit. Battista gets blinded, man hood stepped on and shot in the back. A bit much.

But I’d say Comin’ at Ya is the most unpleasant even though I find thatone enjoyable too. But it has some really bad dialogue, and many many cheeesy and pointless senes. Especially the bat scene is unpleasantly bad.

I suppose when you say “Django”, you are talking about the man who is forced to eat his ear and Django’s hand being crushed, right?


The scenes involving Johnny and his faithful dog in Left-Handed Johnny West always turn my stomach.

Let me guess: The dog is brutally killed?

Not seen this one either but no, I don’t think so. It was made in 65 and the SWs still felt American then.