What "Bad" movies or guilty pleasure movies do you like?

It’s worth checking out. Probably the best out of all the low budget Vietnam films.

One of my biggest guilty pleasures:

The first film to pop into my head was Roadhouse with Patrick Swayze. It is really a low-budget “guy film” and is definitely “bad”…but LOL everytime I come across it on the TV, I end up watching it to the end. I’ve heard a lot of other people are the same way.

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The Last Shark a blatant rip off of the first two Jaws movies. Great stuff.

**Showgirls (1995) :stuck_out_tongue: **

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That Simon, King of the Witches that brother BL and sister Silver were on about got my interest piqued, not least because Simon sounds so un-wizard like. Anyway, I got a dvd cheapish from amazon and watched it in a suitably inebriated slot betwixt giallii eves…
Hmmm, I’m not too sure what to make of it… certainly nothing like I’d seen before, and I never switched it off, so it couldn’t have been too bad. But, I doubt it’ll get a rewatch.

Ashanti is considered to be a dreadful film but I like it.

Yes I watched Simon as well (sober) and it was a bit odd for sure. Not sure what to make of it. I’ll give it a 2nd watch one day.

In general I like old-fashioned musicals, even things like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

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I love Summer Holiday. :smile:

Nothing wrong with Summer Holiday. Seen it untold times and still enjoy it.

Nothing wrong? Says the man they put in jail.

That’s of course what they all say …

I agree. Summer Holiday is great little film.

All the Sniper movies :slight_smile:


Captain Apache. :laughing:


A lot of the movies I enjoy would probably be called “Bad” on any objective scale but I think The Wild Angels might take the cake. It has very few artistic merits but it’s one of my top twenty favorite films.


When it comes to westerns Djangos story by Fidani and Bounty hunter in Trinity and ballad of death valley with William Better. But if were talking About other types of films then The movie postal from 2007 come to mind.

I watched this a month ago knowing it’s reputation but I thought I’d enjoy it cause I adore the game Postal 2 that it’s based off but yeah, that was a fucking dreadful film haha :rofl:

I also like the American Samurai / Ninja whatever movies with Dudikoff etc.