What are your interest other than spags?

Curious about other interest,hobbies,passions fellow sw fans may have.and what is your fav orite genre of movies besides spaghetti’s?favorite musicians?etc…

I love Hitchcock films, Sci-Fi, 60’s and 70’s TV, comics, astronomy, walking, Bond, Beatles, books…I could go on!

Food, drink, sunshine, the ocean, driving, physical training.

Some other films and music besides SW, but not much though :wink:

Animation, horror movies, action movies, spoofs, some indie films, drawing, comics, toys, blah, blah, blah.

Music : Progressive-rock, heavy metal, post-rock and jazz
martial arts (I practice Karate)
cinema : fantastic and horror movies (italian school :), the Classics
I like cooking and travelling

Movies: My favorites are Spags and Tarantino movies. But i actually love every kind of movie.
Music: Ska, Reggae, Skinhead/Early Reggae, Soul
Sports: I play football (soccer).

Because I love music I often go to concerts where the music plays i described as my favorite music. Connected to this i like travelling to concerts around Germany. Cause I have many friends all around there.

Aren’t you going to tell us your own hobbies, JONAH HEX ? :slight_smile:

Art,American history,guitar,guns,books,archery,gardening,primitive skills,the outdoors,. into westerns,samurai films,chinese martial chilvary films and film noir,. fav muscians,zeppelin,pixies,waylon jennings,dean martin,morricone. iv’e recently gotten interested in handwriting analysis.

My life is almost all visual entertainment. I love all movies, but Crime and Espionage films tickle me the most, as well as zombie films which I have tons of. Japanese and Italian films tend to be my favorite, if not for the simply huge influx of american films (enough of them stick to equal a lot of good ones.)

I also love comics, and the occasional cinematic video game (Metal Gear, Resident Evil 4, etc.)

Traditional games, board and cards, I love as well.

Music, mostly Ska and Punk.

Books are mostly crime and zombie based, though some great others like Slaughter house five and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and more recently iv’e disovered the great world of sci fi ficiton, yurning to begin Starship Troopers (the novel.)

I wish to make a living either drawing, or writing and directing movies. It’s damn hard to break into all of these feilds though, so it’s not been easy. BUt I’m still in college (film studys) so I’m still early on.

I am trying to write a graphic novel… I have got a good idea and I hope it will be good enough to publish… My friend Adam Crumpton is drawing it. Below is one of his drawings… Awsome!

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Oh, hm… In Westernfilms I`m a Newbee. I look a lot oh Horrorfilms, I like all with splatter, blood and zombies. ;D Funny, brutal, I like it all, Brain dead, Bad Taste, High Tension, ect. ect. at last I have seen HOSTEL in Cinema (not so good). Asian Films I like too, not Martial Arts, Films as Old Boy or Untold Story. And I like the 70th, thats the best years for cool Films! 8) And extreme comedys, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Orgazmo, Torrente… ect. ect.
Music: A lot. Death-, Black-Metal, Grindcore. But not only, chillige Elektro-Sounds too, or Country-Rock as 16 Horsepower.
since Hobbys? hm… I work too much. And sport kills. :wink:

Hi guys !

For me it would be :
music : country music, rock’n’roll (Elvis, Everly Brothers, Eddie Cochran, Beatles,…)
writing (I wrote some short stories directly inspired by sw, but they are in French. I oughtta think about a translation some days ::slight_smile: )
Movies : '50s and '60s stars : Dean, Brando, the films of Elia Kazan in general, non-italian westerns, '60s supermarionation like Thunderbirds,…I’m open-minded for every genre…

??? I surely must have forgotten something on the way…

Good idea to ask this question ! We’ll maybe find out that we have a lot more in common than sw :wink:

yeah,i’ve already noticed a lot of people are into art or( drawing)

Musical art : I play drums

Movies:Revenge,Kung Fu,Drama,Horror,Action

Favorite Directors:Quentin Tarantino,Brian De palma,Oliver Stone,Sergio Leone,
John hughs

Tocar guitarra, drawing, making very low-budget-movies^^
Favourite Non-SW-Directors: Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino, Brian De Palma (SCARFACE!!!), Akira Kurosawa…

art,architecture, film noir, europian cinema, ps2…
traveling, Ive been a few times in china and maybe next year I will go thear as an art teacher to work their and to learn chinees.heaps dvd´s in china 70 euro cent a peace!!!ive got a great collection thamks to mr china!! ;D

70s tv shows, magazines, heavy metal music (some country, but not the pop-sounding dreck), some sci-fi, horror movies, sports, girls, going to conventions, hanging out with my friends, doing online stuff, etc…

Hmm. Found this thread accidently on a search and thought I would revive it and add my two cents…

Movies other from SW’s: Horror, Vietnam

Music: Classic R&B, Motown, Smooth Jazz, Rock (Oasis, GNR, Sabbath)

Other Interests: Cooking, Boxing, Fitness, MMA, Stand Up Comedy, Magic, Gothic horror literature

Yeah, this is an interesting thread…good move reviving it, mrchallenge.

My interests are fairly wide ranging…

Movies (apart from SW’s): Westerns. Film Noir. Japanese action films of the 50’s and 60’s—not just Samurai or Karate films, but mostly the modern-day gangster films (‘yakuza eiga’) and the hard-boiled gunmen films that were popular in the late 50’s and early 60’s (Shishido Jo is one of my most favorite actors). I also like a lot of Hong Kong cinema of all types. Believe it or not, I am a fan of Bollywood movies, as well. Heck…when you get down to it, I pretty much like all types of movies, with the exception of most Sci-Fi and Horror movies (but, then again, there are some Sci-Fi and Horror films I do like).

Music: Being a semi-professional musician…I would be amiss if I didn’t list music as one of my interests. My favorite type of music is, of course, Italian Western film scores (with Morricone, Nicolai, De Masi, and Orlandi being among my most favorite composers of the genre). I also like a wide range of pop sounds from around the globe. When I was younger I played in a lot of so-called “New Wave” and punk bands. Back then I was a huge fan of The Jam…as well as The Clash, The Buzzcocks, Generation X, Chelsea, Purple Hearts, and many many more. Got into Ska and Reggae, as well. I have always loved classic R&B (Stax, Tamla, Motown, etc.) and blues (Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, et al). I like classic swing music…as well as the neo-swing stuff. I’m also a big fan of instrumental “surf” rock…artists like Dick Dale, The Ventures, The Shadows, and so forth.
I had an instrumental surf band of my own a few years ago. There is a MySpace page for us located here, if any of you are interested:

I am a huge Old West history buff. Occasionally, I take part in gunfight shows and re-enactments in Tombstone, AZ.

I am highly interested in many Asian cultures and societies with India and Japan being chief among them (but, I am also interested in China, Korea, Vietnam, etc.).

I speak a slight amount of the following languages: Japanese, Cantonese, Hindi, Spanish (Tejano or Mexican Border Spanish mostly), and “Farsi” (Persian). I am interested in becoming better at all of them.

I also read a lot! Generally, I enjoy reading film studies, historical works (especially regarding the American West), books on Asian philosophies, and biographical works (especially about film personalities). But, I also enjoy Crime and Western fiction, as well. Some of my favorite fiction authors include: Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, Jonas Ward, Don Davis, Mickey Spillane, Yukio Mishima, Eiji Yoshikawa, Oyabu Haruhiko, and many others.

I also write (stories, screenplays, music, etc.). I am interested in Martial Arts and have trained (to little avail!) in Tae Kwon Do, Tai Chi Chuan, and Wing Chun (don’t worry! I am not good enough to beat anybody up…much! he heh!).

Well…now that you are all completely bored, I guess I better find myself interested in shutting up!

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