What are your favorite films to watch on Halloween?

I hope this topic hasn’t already been done yet.

And don’t just list your favorite horror flicks, I’d like to hear about any film that has special significance for you personally for the occasion of halloween.

So lets hear it!

John Carpenter’s Halloween.

I’m not a big fan of horror movies, but the film has the appropriate title. And is one of the few horror films that are really good.

You remind me that I don’t even have a special Halloween film! :o I guess it’s not too late to start the tradition.

JC’s Halloween. Tradition. Same as Bad Santa on Christmas! ;D

Halloween doesn’t mean that much overhere, we hardly have any tradition in that sense
I usually watch at least a part of one of the Hallowen movies that are inevitably shown on the night

[quote=“scherpschutter, post:5, topic:2541”]Halloween doesn’t mean that much overhere, we hardly have any tradition in that sense
I usually watch at least a part of one of the Hallowen movies that are inevitably shown on the night[/quote]

The same here it’s an Anglo- Saxonic thing, altough there’s some merchandise now for the kids so that we can spend more money on stuff, but like I said no tradition, here, only from watching it in the moveis.

Garfield’s Halloween episode, classic.

Here in England, Guy Fawkes Night (Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guy_Fawkes_Night ) has more tradition surrounding it than Halloween, which has only recently become big and more for kids.

I’d say Halloween (1978) is a film that I watch around this time of year (it always pops up on TV, normally one of the BBC channels - this year it’s on BBC 4).

Never thought much of the event Halloween…even as a kid.

Yes same here ENNIOO, the whole trick or treat thing seems to be a quite recent American import to the UK.

Watched “Rosemary’s Baby” one Halloween which was quite fun, think I would keep away from “The Exorcist” film myself though :o

I prefer to watch gothic horror on halloween, Bava, Corman, that sort of stuff.

Tonight I watched “The Grudge” (Holywood version) which I hadn’t seen before. It was rather disappointing, compared to the two original Japanese films. I’m glad of the continuity in the Tokyo setting, but the American characters were completely one-dimensional, & nothing really scary happened at all. Whereas the original “Ju-On” is one of the scariest films I’ve ever seen.

I like watching a good horror movie at Halloween, ideally something I haven’t seen before. Don’t have a regular favourite to watch. Not really into the “Halloween” franchise - I find supernatural horror much more effective than guys with knives.

The scariest film I’ve ever seen in my life was the original 2000 Ju-On: The Curse. Too bad there doesn’t seem to be a US DVD release for this one.

Although my horror tastes don’t tend to necessarily run in the American slasher vein, I had a Friday the 13th marathon this past Halloween. :slight_smile:

I watched Screamers (1995, Christian Duguay), a Canadian SciFi-horror movie, based on a short story by Philip K. Dick, who also wrote Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep? which was the base for Blade Runner

In fact, the story of this movie showed some similarities to Blade Runner. Humans are threatened on a remote planet by so-called screamers, androic creatures, originally conceived to defend people, who have turned against their masters. They have developed the ability to copy the appearance and behaviour of human beings. One of them, has even developed feelings, such as fear, and love.

Intelligent SciFi and some great scares, but marred by a few lacklustre performances; Peter Weller tries to be Clint Eastwood, murmering, growling his lines (which makes a lot of them unintelligible)

I usually watch some horror films around Halloween. I started Saturday night watching Frankenstein (1931) and The Wolfman (1941). Last night I was busy handing out candy to trick or treaters but later on in the evening I put on From Hell which is one of my favourite Johnny Depp movies. If I remember correctly, last year I watched Sleepy Hollow, also starring Depp.

Gotta watch the Evil Dead Trilogy!

Although I spent my Halloween night watching the premeire of The Walking Dead on AMC. It was fantastic!! ;D ;D Can’t wait for the next episode.

I prefer to watch Dawn of the Dead or Night of the Living Dead on Halloween.

I forgot about the two original DVD movies made in 2000. I haven’t seen those; gotta try to get hold of them. I meant I’ve seen the two 2003 Japanese cinema releases (“Ju-On:The Grudge” & “Ju-On:The Grudge 2”). Way scarier than the Hollywood version.

Fright Night, The Lost Boys, Halloween (of course), House, Night Of The Comet, Dawn Of The Dead