What are your 5 favorite Anthony Steffen films?

[quote=“Stanton, post:21, topic:1392”]The real mistake is # 1 :wink:

Ohh … and # 3 is also a strong contender for the annual SW Bore award[/quote]
there is no bigest bore than once upon a time in the west :wink:

[quote=“Stanton, post:21, topic:1392”]The real mistake is # 1 :wink:

Ohh … and # 3 is also a strong contender for the annual SW Bore award[/quote]
mistake the 1??
not at all still one of my top 20 and my best steffen ;D

  1. Seven Dollars on the Red
  2. Train for Durango
  3. Django the Bastard
  4. Killer Kid
  5. A Long File of Crosses

(lots I haven’t seen)

1.No Room to Die
3.Dead Men Don’t Count
4.Killer Kid
5.Blood at Sundown

Have to change mine…

  1. W Django
  2. Arriva Sabata
  3. Gentleman Killer
  4. Shango
  5. Too Much Gold for One Gringo
  6. Train for Durango
  7. Tequila
  8. Garringo
  9. Dead Men Don’t Count (Cry for Revenge)
  10. Arizona Colt Returns
  11. A Stranger in Paso Bravo
  12. 7 Dollars on the Red
  13. Killer Kid
  14. Apocalypse Joe
  15. Two Pistols and a Coward
  16. Blood at Sundown
  17. Some Dollars for Django
  18. Why Go on Killing?
  19. Man Who Cried for Revenge
  20. Django the Bastard
  21. No Room to Die
  22. Coffin for the Sheriff
  23. Ringo, Face of Revenge[/size]

So chuck saw them all except for Il mio nome è Scopone e faccio sempre cappotto/Dallas, the one Reverend Danite particularly appreciated… ;D

Yeah, in no hurry to see it :smiley:

I like him in comedic type roles, though

One of his best is Cry for Revenge, a good buddy film in which Mark Damon co-stars. Steffen’s acting is self ironic in this one, and he actually shows some charisma. A lively underrated western from Marchent #2.

let’s see

these are ones i’ve seen

  1. Django The Bastard
  2. Garringo
  3. W Django (Hilton instead Steffen and it could be great)
  4. No Room To Die
  5. Gentleman Killer
  6. 7 Dollars On The Red
  7. Stranger In Paso Bravo
  8. Killer Kid
  9. Few Dollars For Django

Steffen is one of my favorite SW actors, so here goes my top 5.

1-Django The Bastard
2-No Room To Die
3-Blood At Sundown
4-Apocalypse Joe
5-Seven Dollars On The Red

I’m not a huge fan of Steffan, so perhaps haven’t put too much thought into this, but here we go (with some commentary):
[tr][td]1[/td][td] Treno per Durango [/td][td]good, entertaining fun[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]2[/td][td]No Room do Die[/td][td]A bit disappointing, given that I usually enjoy William Berger much more, but watchable enough [/td][/tr]
[tr][td]3[/td][td]Ringo, Il Volto Della Vendetta[/td][td]Doesn’t seem to be widely liked around here, and certainly not great, but I found it OK[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]4[/td][td]Apocalypse Joe[/td][td]Obviously descends into a ridiculous half-hour gunfight, but has half-hour gunfights go, it’s not bad![/td][/tr]
[tr][td]5[/td][td]Killer Kid[/td][td]I really wasn’t convinced by this; it seemed to have very little in the way of a coherent plot[/td][/tr]
(That ends up being a list of 5 because I’ve only seen 5, not because these are his top 5!)

And stuff I should/would like to see, but haven’t yet (in rough order):

[ul][li]Mille dollari sul nero (but mostly for Garko, not Steffan)[/li]
[li]Perché uccidi ancora[/li]
[li]Django the Bastard[/li][/ul]

Stuff I probably will see when the Koch Encyclopedia collection is released:

[ul][li]Gentleman Killer[/li][/ul]

haha You’ve got to be kidding me Stanton! You actually liking an Anthony Steffen performance is like Chairman Mao expousing the virtues of democracy! :wink:

I also like him in Last Train to Durango and in the first half of Ringo, Il Volto Della Vendetta (in the 2nd half he is bad as usual).

But this film Cry for Revenge seems to be relatively unknown as it mentioned only rarely here.

(here should now follow a joke about Mao but I run out of ideas)

After all it is in five Top 5 (mainly as Dead Men Don’t Count)…

I’ve updated my list:

  1. Stranger’s Gundown
  2. No Room to Die
  3. Dead Men Don’t Count
  4. Garringo
  5. Stranger in Paso Bravo
    Honorable mention Two Pistols for a Coward

Ahh, ok, then again too much titles for one film …

I saw 6 movies with Steffen.

  1. Garringo
  2. Train for Durango
  3. Killer Kid
  4. Django the Bastard (I must watch it again)
  5. Seven Dollars on the Red
  6. Shango

Anthony Steffen is one of my favourite actors.

Well with no particular order my top-5:
Django the Bastard
No Room to Die
W Django!
Gentleman Killer

And as a second top-5:
Arriva Sabata!
Some Dollars for Django
7 Dollars on the Red
Blood at Sundown

  1. no room to die
  2. a name that cried revenge
  3. apocalypse joe
  4. Wdjango!
  5. arriva sabata

I think Anthony Steffen is underrated, I feel like everyone that says he can only do his stone-faced thing are folks that have only seen his most famous and accessible stuff. And he’s done more SW’s as a leading man than anyone (I believe), so I’m gonna have to extend my list to my top 10 Anthony Steffen movies.

  1. Blood at Sundown
  2. Shango
  3. Garringo
    4.Train for Durango
  4. 7 Dollars on the Red
  5. Cry for Revenge
  6. No Room to Die
  7. W Django
  8. Django the Bastard
  9. Apocalypse Joe