What are your 5 favorite Anthony Steffen films?

Here’s my top 5:

  1. Stranger’s Gundown
  2. No Room to Die
  3. Dead Men Don’t Count
  4. Garringo
  5. Stranger in Paso Bravo
    Honorable mention Two Pistols for a Coward

I would be impossible for me to name five.

But I really liked:

Killer Kid

So far it’s…

Train for Durango
A Stranger in Paso Bravo
Blood at Sundown (1966)
W Django
Arriva Sabata

These are my favourite Steffen performances as well

1.Stranger’s gundown
2.No room to die
3.Few dollars for Django
4.Dead men don’t count
5.Gentleman killer
Some of his western i can’t remember exactly,from ‘Garringo’ i’ve only a bad copy.
‘Dallas’ and ‘To much gold for one Gringo’ i’ve not seen.
‘Blood at sundown’ is very good,but i think Garko is the main character there and i like ‘Arizona colt returns’,maybe because of the crazy score

Watching Django spricht das nachtgebet right now. Pretty bad one…

On topic:

  • Seven dollars to kill
  • Django the bastard
  • Train for Durango
  • W Django!
  • Sabata the killer

Haven’t seen them all though

Django the Bastard
Train for Durango

Why Go on Killing?

No Room to Die (A Long File of Crosses)

Will get Il pistolero segnato da Dio next week

Haven’t seen 'em all neither and it’s difficult to choose but I go with these:

Django the Bastard
No Room to Die
Arizona Colt Returns
Ringo: Face of Revenge

in no order

Django The Bastard
W Django
Seven Dollars to kill
Ringo The Mark of Vengeance
No Room to Die

Something for me to think about for a change I guess.

In no particular order, and bearing in mind i still have afew of his films in my to watch pile,

No Room To Die
7 Dollars On The Red
Arizona Colt Returns (despite that song!), or possibly Cry For Revenge since it was an unusually animated performance :smiley:

Should I purchase Train for Durango? I’m not really into comedy westerns, and I’m not into Zapata westerns either, and apparently Train for durango is both. SHould I watch this anyway? Do you think I would enjoy it?

My thoughts about comedy westerns are well documented :stuck_out_tongue: - however I am partial to a zapata or two … but this film is a goodie and well worth getting to see Steffen goofin it up a bit. It’s not an out and out comedy - no slapstick. I’d get it for definate amigo!

I don’t think I’ve seen five but the three I saw were Sabata the Killer, Django the Bastard, and Apocalypse Joe. My favorite of the bunch was definitley Apocalypse Joe.

Django the Bastard/Stranger’s Gundown
Ringo, the Face of Revenge
W Django
No Room to Die
Gentleman Killer

I haven’t seen them all, but for now it looks like this.

  1. No Room to Die
  2. Killer Kid
  3. Django the Bastard
  4. Gentleman Killer
  5. 7 Dollars On The Red

I haven’t seen some interesting Steffen flicks, like Garringo, so I can’t really tell…
From the ones I’ve seen my favourite ones are:

W Django
Gentleman Killer
Apocalisse Joe
Django the Bastard
Train for Durango

  1. apocalypse joe
  2. no room to die
  3. a name that cried revenge
  4. kiler kid
  5. Wdjango!
  1. Dead Man don’t Count
  2. Train to Durango
  3. Garringo
  4. Why Go on Killing?
  5. Gentleman Killer

Steffen SWs I like best are Django il bastardo, Killer Kid and Mille dollari sul nero (I’ve seen “only” 22 titles of his boundless SW filmography).

  1. Django il bastardo/The Stranger’s Gundown
  2. Killer Kid
  3. Mille dollari sul nero/Blood at Sundown
  4. Garringo
  5. Gentleman Jo… uccidi/Gentleman Killer
  6. Il suo nome gridava vendetta/A Name That Cried Revenge
  7. Una lunga fila di croci/No Room to Die
  8. Quién grita venganza/I morti non si contano/Cry for Revenge
  9. Perchè uccidi ancora/Why Go on Killing?
  10. Un treno per Durango/A Train for Durango
  11. Una bara per lo sceriffo/A Coffin for the Sheriff
  12. Sette dollari sul rosso/7 Dollars on the Red
  13. Arriva Sabata!..
  14. W Django!
  15. Arizona si scatenò… e li fece fuori tutti!/Arizona Colt Returns
  16. Un uomo chiamato Apocalisse Joe
  17. Ringo il volto della vendetta/Ringo, the Face of Revenge
  18. Uno straniero a Paso Bravo/A Stranger in Paso Bravo
  19. Shango
  20. Pochi dollari per Django/A Few Dollars for Django
  21. Il pistolero segnato da Dio/Two Pistols and a Coward
  22. Dallas/Il mio nome è Scopone e faccio sempre cappotto

[quote=“sartana1968, post:17, topic:1392”]1. apocalypse joe
2. no room to die
3. a name that cried revenge
4. kiler kid
5. Wdjango![/quote]
i made a mistake for 5.
5. arriva sabata