What Are You Listening to at the Moment?

I was just vibing to A Man must fight by Francesco de Masi and the amazing Peter Tevis. That guy should’ve made more songs, his voice is amazing


Hi there, new here, first posting.
I’m currently listening to PALEOWOLF. Dark ambient soundscapes that evoke paleolithic times. Very spooky, but my go-to music while working in those cold days of the year.


Welcome to the ‘SWDB’, Michael Schubert. :smiley:

The music sounds like something that would not be out of place in ‘The Northman’

Thats true. If you like those kinda vibes, you could also try Gaetir the Mountainkeeper. These tunes definitely venture into viking territory :wink:

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That is excellent. I’m over to Bandcamp right now

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Inspired by @TheSwede

I’m listening to these guys on loop now

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some cool upbeat music! :sunglasses:

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Back home for Christmas break, spinning some Spaghetti themes :metal:


Given this a full listen and it was quite an interesting set of tracks. Some are just the original tracks taken from the films, such as the Arizona Colt theme and the theme from Day of Anger. However, some tracks seem to be almost like jazz versions? For example, the theme from Django had no lyrics and did not sound like the usual instrumental version, it instead had a lot of brass instruments and just sounded very jazz-y (I am not good with musical terms so you’ll just have to take my word here :joy:). Does anyone know if these might be official versions, or maybe some kind of Japanese instrumental versions just for this LP?

Edit: Found a YouTube video of the version, also from a Japanese LP Compilation of Spaghetti Tracks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49b6fBBJttI
It seems they come from the Orchestra Di L. Pagano, they have a few covers on the LP I have including the themes from The Big Gundown and The Forgotten Pistolero. Worth a listen if you can find them on YouTube or such. They’re not gonna replace the original version but they’re interesting version to listen to.


merry xmas and happy holidays to alla youze!!

‘The Great Escape’ is not just for Christmas…

Not only my joint-first film of all-time (the other being ‘The Good, The Bad and the Ugly’), but one with a stupendous story-line that encouraged me to investigate the real-life 1944 tragic events of ‘Stalag Luft 3’.
It is a truly majestic, beautiful film, with a soundtrack to match, by the genius that was/and still is, Elmer Bernstein.

(Above: the iconic poster of McQueen that I had hanging on my wall for many years)

Gotta tell ya…the images and music from this film have been ingrained in me ever since I was a wee nipper, and they still continue to inspire me when things get tough in the ‘real world’…

My love for this film grows ever year…but that’s just nostalgic, sentimental me… :wine_glass: :grin:

Not that it matters; but I vaguely remember there being a photo in a family album (probably taken by one of my older brothers), which was in black & white, and showed the TV in the background, with Steve McQueen (Bud Ekins) jumping over the barbed wire. It’s like someone at home had taken that iconic image on camera either by accident, or by design. I remember the image, but don’t have the photo.
I think it must have been by accident…no such thing as video etc then!
I must have only been aged 6 or 7 at the time…
Strange how your mind clings on to certain things.


A bit of nostalgia…


Throughout today I’ve been on a Led Zeppelin bender. I’ve enjoyed all eight of their studio albums prior to drummer John Bonham’s passing, from 1969’s Led Zeppelin to In Through the Out Door from ten years later.


Recently found out that one of my favourite bands King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard made a Western fable rock album in 2013. It’s a really awesome album which tells the tale of a native called Eyes Like the Sky.


For anyone new to the ‘SWDB’, and has never heard of the superb ‘Spaghetti Western Orchestra’, then please do yourselves a massive favour, and check out this exemplary band of lads who pay homage to all things SW and Morricone. :cowboy_hat_face:

Stetsons off to these wild bunch of talented enthusiasts who help to keep our beloved genre alive… :+1:


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Hah, the band with roughly as much albums as SWs were made, in about the same timespan …

On Friday, I went to a local charity shop, and was blessed enough to find eight film soundtracks for a mere £2.

One of these was ‘Braveheart’ (1995), composed by the genius that was James Horner.

I watched ‘Braveheart’, the bluray, on Sunday afternoon…“FREEDOM!!!”

Now, I have never really paid much attention to James Horner, but…I’ve been missing out.

I can’t explain it…
I’ve seen the film a few times in the past, but this was the first time that I’ve really ‘seen it’, and listened to the majestic, heart-tearing score by the late, great J. Horner.
It was beautiful…the perfect combination of film and soundtrack combined.

Now, people can say what they want about Mel Gibson; but to me, he surpassed himself with his film-making skills in this one.
Others may disagree, but I think that this gentleman (his off-screen antics aside), is one of the most charismatic, gifted, and excellent actors/film-makers. that we have had in the last 50 years.

Final thoughts:
Isn’t it strange, though, how we can ignore and shrug off excellence for so many years…and then find the sheer magic in it all - something that has been literally staring us in the face all along …

At the end of the day, maybe that’s the beauty of all ‘art’…it takes a while to be appreciated.
The same applies to people, really.

Just set out my thoughts below…

Such sadness and melancholy intruded upon my heart,
when I recalled my love, my youth, my gain, my loss and downfall.

Though smiles now remain, where a scowl once held place,
I now count my blessings, forgiving and forgetting that I hold most to shame.

Another now, is my inspiration, my guide, and a cause that I will follow,
although it brings me many enemies.

Living a life that is abundant with eternal love is a life that is more precious than a treasure of silver or gold,
and that is a story that the World needs to be told.

Weak against the strong,
and right against wrong.
In the end…who really wins…?