What Are You Listening to at the Moment?

(Mickey13) #4337

Emeralds - Solar Bridge (2008)

One of my big, big favorites. A thunderous wall of old-school, drony synth soundscapes. Primordial and unusually beautiful in its very own distinct way.


(Mickey13) #4339

Boards of Canada - Tomorrow’s Harvest (2013)

(Mickey13) #4340

Bitstream - Domestic Economy 7 (2005)

Holy shit, this one is amazing. A dazzling mixture of glitch electro (it’s one of those records that is very hard to categorize) with wicked, digitally sounding mangled drums and discombobulating, chopped up samples. There is likewise a fair number of wonky melodies which evoke an atmosphere similar to something that Plaid would put out and make this one stand out. It’s an enjoyable kind of experimental stuff which is great.

(Mickey13) #4341

Orphx ‎- Circuitbreaking (2004)

(Mickey13) #4342

Byetone - Symeta (2011)

Rather spartan in form and style.

(James Flessas ) #4343

I have this being played live with David Torn -Guitar Mick Karn-Fretless Bass , Bill Bruford -Drums live in N.Y. 1987 . Soundboard :purple_heart:

(Mickey13) #4344

Orphx ‎- Insurgent Flows (2005)

(Mickey13) #4345

Oval ‎- Systemisch (1994)

(James Flessas ) #4346

I’m more than happy to drop box a copy to you , just prior ate message me with email , actually I don’t think there are creepy people here so mine is jflessas@gmail.com if your interested

(James Flessas ) #4347

Good old auto correct, it should read private message lol

(James Flessas ) #4348


had to pick one song from each ramones studio album, their first album is filled with classics, but Judy is a Punk really stands out to me!


if their was one Ramones song from “Leave Home” its this


A great follow up to two classics of the genre. I had to pick Cretin Hop.


My favorite Ramones album, perhaps the best they’ve ever made.


so many good songs on this album but had to pick this one


the most overlooked album by critics in the entire Ramones catalog.


This one spawned many great live songs.


if I had to pick an album besides Road to Ruin that defines the Ramones, id pick this.