What Are You Listening to at the Moment?


I think the production on this record is great, maybe the best on any Ramones album, Joey sounds awesome on this album.


Tommy Ramone helped produce this album.


featuring the hit poison heart, and an awesome cover of the doors “Take it as it comes”


contains Pet sematary, a hit for sure!


what a way to end a career


cool covers album

(James Flessas ) #4364

Highly Recommended If any of you have never heard this , Its outstanding


pure energy


great show, has highest trails above and in the parl.


total chaos


Bonzo Goes to Bitburg is still my favourite.

(Phil H) #4369

Really enjoying these guys at the moment. mellow jazzy 70s feel

(Bill san Antonio) #4370

I’m gonna see this guy’s show tomorrow:

(Patrick J. Burt) #4371

Cellophane - So Cruel by Miami Horror
Lovely indietronica song.

Current Favorite song: Welcome To My Life - Empire Of The Sun :sunny:

(James Flessas ) #4372

jpeg Classic Ornette :sparkling_heart::heart_decoration::green_heart:

(Mickey13) #4373

Oneohtrix Point Never - Age Of (2018)

Probably my least favorite OPN album to date. A nonsensical melange of styles that never really settles on what it’s trying to achieve. It is literally all over the place and probably by virtue of it, the album never takes off. It particularly reminds me of R Plus Seven with its sound and baroque MIDI melodies sprinkled all around it, but even that record had a lot more to offer in terms of pure ambiance and atmosphere. It’s still good music, but I dunno. Perhaps it will grow on me after several listens.

(Mickey13) #4374

Mark Isham - The Beast (1988)

(James Flessas ) #4375


(El Topo) #4376

Hell after reading Rhoesboy66, just notice I had these algum amog my Jonh Zorn/Massada/Painkiller collection, these goes a bit like Pascal Comelade in terms of form , but still great.

Once upn a time in teh West by Zorn John Zorn

(James Flessas ) #4377

I have damn near his entire discography , my personal favorite studio album is Spillane. For the live stuff - Electric Masada