What Are You Listening to at the Moment?

(Mickey13) #4317

Venetian Snares - Salt EP (2000)

(Mickey13) #4318

Tim Hecker - Radio Amor (2003)

(Asa) #4319

Have a sniff around YouTube or Spotify for some of these names, Mickey:

20SIX Hundred
Dan Terminus
Daniel Deluxe
Glitch Black
Mecha Maiko
Mega Drive
Miami Nights 1984
Microchip Terror
Midnight Danger
Neon Droid
Noir Deco
Occams Laser
The Powerwalker
Robert Parker
Street Cleaner
Tokyo Rose
Tommy '86
Trevor Something
VHS Glitch

These are the ones which have caught my ear for one reason or another (and which we haven’t already mentioned of course), be that in general, for an album or two or maybe just for the occasional track. There are a few different sounds in there too despite all broadly falling under the synthwave umbrella for the most part.

Have a listen out for Youth Code as well. Far more hostile than the above artists but they supported Carpenter Brut when we saw them and they were very good indeed, I thought. :+1:


(El Topo) #4321

(Mickey13) #4322

Thanks, man, really appreciate it and sorry for the delayed response. That’s quite a comprehensive list you’ve got there, sir. Lots of obscurities. I already know some of these producers, but there are a lot of new ones as well. :+1:

Well, the more hostile the better. Once you get into breakcore, everything begins to sound pretty moderate and restrained in comparison. While I usually prefer mostly instrumental pieces, Youth Code sounds really cool, also wicked drums and percussion.

(Phil H) #4323

It’s all about Calibro 35 for me at the moment as I get in the groove ready for their London gig this Saturday.
If you like 70s Italian film music, especially crime films, you’ll love this band. Both for their covers and original stuff.

(Phil H) #4324

I genuinely can’t wait

(Mickey13) #4325

So there is a band whose music is centered around the poliziotteschi genre? Wow, that’s fucking rad, man. It’s so nice that it’s an actual thing that is out there.

(Phil H) #4326

They’ve been going for about 10 years apparently (hence the name of their latest album) but I must admit to only catching onto them in the past couple of years. I listen to a lot of their stuff on youtube while I’m working but really excited about seeing them live this weekend for the first time.

(Mickey13) #4327

Regrettably, I’ve never come across their music before. This is some really good stuff. But the nicest thing is that there is an actual demand for this type of music which means a lot of these more obscure Italian soundtracks will be preserved to some extent and cherished by the general public and this is really heart-warming.

(James Flessas ) #4328

IMG_0442Dark-CD2-11398_foto1_product_groot I have been stuffing my ears with the man with the horn !


(Mickey13) #4330

Kero Kero Bonito ‎– Bonito Generation (2016)

I’m not much of a pop music fan (I hate most of it to be honest), but this thing is flat out amazing. The band basically amalgamates all kinds of genres ranging from J-Pop, House, Rock and more. The kind of playful experimentation the band engages in here really makes things interesting. On top of that, there is this ease of making beats and melodies that comes through in the way these songs unfold and renders this thing genuinely engrossing. It is admittedly meretricious and cutesy and all that, but it’s likewise addictively catchy. When you listen to stuff like Trampoline, yes, it never forays into any territory that’s too far from what is considered mainstream, but the way chords as well bass resonate with you and the kick thumps feels just right.

(Mickey13) #4331

Mark Isham ‎– Vapor Drawings (1983)

(Mickey13) #4332

Mark Isham - Film Music (1985)

(Stanton) #4333

Another Peter Hammill wonder:

A personal favourite of mine

And here’s a beautiful live version from Hammill’s K-Group, with a rather different guitar dominated instrumentation:


(Mickey13) #4335

Kyoka ‎- Is (Is Superpowered) (2014)

(Mickey13) #4336

Jlin ‎- Dark Energy (2015)