What Are You Listening to at the Moment?

(ENNIOO) #4162

Nice, even I had one of those…not for a while though.

(carlos) #4163

And is that a working desk phone? Haven’t seen one of those for a while :slight_smile:

(titoli) #4164

just spinning couple of xmas presents, couple of Lee Marvin’s bastards…

(El Topo) #4165

Colin Hay - Trancendental highway and Topaga (for those who don’t know Hay was Men at work vocalist)

The Triffids - Calenture

(titoli) #4166

…one soul less on your fiery list - I love that song, It’s on a soundtrack of my imaginary movie :wink:


Listening to some Piero Piccioni stuff.

(ENNIOO) #4168

Lovely voice Shawn Robinson has.

(SourNote2014) #4169

Russian folk music, mostly performed by Balalaika Ensemble-Wolga.

(El Topo) #4170

Propraganda - A secret wish

Onetwo - Instead

(titoli) #4171

On this Friday it will be 36th anniversary of Bon Scott’s death, I’ll probably be on a tribute gig at local club, so getting all warmed up with a little Bonfire. Powerage is probably weakest one from Scott’s era, but DDDDC is my favorite AC/DC record.

(El Topo) #4172

XTC- Skylarking

XTC - Aplle venus (Vol 1)

The The - Infected

Dead Can Dance -Within the Realm of a Dying Sun

Somewhere in Europe - Gestures

Laibach - Kapital

Laibach - Baptism (Krst pod Triglavom)

(ENNIOO) #4173

Spot of Blondie from their latest album:

(El Topo) #4174

Amazing how she still looks hot. 70 are the new something

(Stanton) #4175

Yeah, 70 is the new 69 …


(El Topo) #4177

Tom Waits Rain dogs (love thisrecord)
Test Department - Terra firma
The Young gods - L’eau rouge

(SourNote2014) #4178

A Greatest Hits of the '50s album on Youtube.

(ENNIOO) #4179

Contraband soundtrack.

(Farmer_J) #4180

I do like a bit of Frizzi, and I’m especially glad they put that cheesy disco song on the disc.

(ENNIOO) #4181

Yep its super cheesy alright !