What are you eating or drinking at the moment?

(Andy) #2841

I see this thread hasn’t been active in a while but I remembered it from years ago, thought I’d bring it back :stuck_out_tongue: I had 4 cups of coffee with my breakfast of 2 small sausages, 2 fried eggs and multigrain toast. It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada so tomorrow we’ll be having a turkey dinner with stuffing, potatoes, etc.


If I ever go to Canada, I’m bringing home a suitcase full of streaky bacon.

(Andy) #2843

I’ll trade you the bacon for a cheap region B blu-ray player :stuck_out_tongue:

(Mickey13) #2844

Green tea.

(Piripero) #2845

Cooked me some tomato, cavolo nero and rosecoco bean soup.

Not a success - the cabbage was old and fibrous.

(autephex) #2846

About to have some chips and salsa, and I picked up enough whiskey to last me through a few movies tonight


(Andy) #2847

Looks like some nice whiskey. Wish I had some. I’ve got some nice sea salt & malt vinegar kettle chips (crisps) and clamatto cocktail. Watching GBU (yellow MGM disc) right now actually.

(autephex) #2848

Its actually really cheap whiskey (manufactured here in Missouri) but as those in the know know, there’s really no difference in cheap alcohol versus the expensive stuff… My favorite is Old Crow, which was also the favorite of Mark Twain, and is also a cheap brand with a bad name because of its cheapness - but its actually very good.

There are some funny videos of people being given cheap alcohol and told its the expensive brands, and they have no idea… there’s a whole documentary about a guy who was selling very cheap wine to collectors who pay lots of money for high end wines… people are suckers

I haven’t had clamato in a long time, but I used to love it. I’m sure I still would… need to get some again. Salt & vinegar are also a favorite flavor.