Westerns... Al'Italiana! [fanzine now hosted]

(Tom B.) #41

Thanks Scherpschutter. I’ll change the Index to credit Stefano Scagni’s excellent work. Gracias amigo!

(davidf) #42

Tom and Sebastian, thanks for your great work in bringing the fanzine information to us and for all the work you do on the site. seasons greetings to everyone! :slight_smile:

(Lode) #43

[quote=“scherpschutter, post:38, topic:895”]The “The Great Silence” artwork published in the fanzine, is by Italian artist Stefano Scagni, he made it for an album of the Scandinavian progrock band Colossus, called Spaghetti Epic 3.
I asked and got permission (from the band members) to use it in my review of The Great silence:


Could you ask the guy if he has this in a higher resolution. Or do you have it?

(scherpschutter) #44

What are your plans with it?

I had only contact with the guys from the Finnish rock group, Scagni designed the picture for their album (as far as I know still not yet released). On their site (and related sites) I can only find it in this resolution. So I probably have to contact the artist personally. I read that he is officially called a ‘maestro’ in Italy, which means he won’t be very accessible and wants to be treated like a king. But I can try.

(Søren) #45

Don’t know if it has been mentioned elsewhere but Tom has started his own Western’s All’Italiana blog:


Definitely worth checking out regularly.

(Sebastian) #46

today I tested our scanner-to-usbstick machine on campus, yet I haven’t tested if it also works with a paper-feed or stack of papers. i’ll report back. should a professional scanning service be required to scan these huge stacks of old WAI issues, then I’ll call for a small fundraiser to make these works eternally available on PDF…

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #47

I’m guessing if we each put in 5 bucks it should be okay.

(Sebastian) #48

i’ll keep you guys posted

but in general, if more people would just donate 1 dollar each, this website would stand on its own feet… i just dont like posting/begging about that constantly :slight_smile:

(Sebastian) #49

issue 74 is up. happy easter, you bunnies

(Sebastian) #50

just to let everyone know: I’ve not forgotten. But my life is a bit crazy right now, I’ll return to the quest of scanning WAI after the exam weeks

(Sebastian) #51

Issue 75 is up for download!

(Sebastian) #52


up for download now! more to come

(Sebastian) #53

issue 1 which i uploaded the other day, was missing 2 pages, they have been re-inserted and look slightly different as my hardcopy was missing those.
thanks and sorry

(Sebastian) #54

first issue of the WAI Newsletter is up for download. more to come

(Sebastian) #55

issue 2 scanned and available for download!


(axl_foley_01) #56

THX Seb, I really like this magazine! Nice story/profile on Colizzi…

(Søren) #57

Thanks a million Sebastian for taking the time to getting these scanned. Very commendable work.

(Sebastian) #58

more to come

(Sebastian) #59

another vintage issue of Westerns… All’Italiana! scanned and up for download!


Fantastic, thanks a lot man