Westerns... Al'Italiana! [fanzine now hosted]

(Tom B.) #61

Tim was about to give up on the zine and hadn’t released one for many months. I contacted him and he said he had plenty of articles but he didn’t have the time to retype them and set up templates for them. I convinced him the readers were more interested in the content then that the type was ll the same size and style. So he just put all the articles he had in a double issue and sent them out. This is when we started to alternate issues. He’d do one and I’d do one which gave each of us almost two months to put an issue together. Still it took a lot of time as we both used typwriters and then Tim got smart and bought a Brother wordprocessor. I soon invested some hard earned cash into getting one also which enabled us to save the copies on disc and send them back and forth to add material. We still had to cut and paste them and then copy them on a copy machine, put them in envelopes and mail them out.

You’ll also notice the two articles by Bill Connolly, “Django” and “The Great Silence”. Bill sent in a few more reviews to WAI! and then launched his own fanzine “Spaghetti Cinema”.

(Sebastian) #62

yeah by the way the latest issue is up.

my scanning effort was interrupted by a mishap where i spent 5 bucks and noticed afterwards that i used the wrong size. but i’m hoping to pick up where i left off after the new year, the ulimate goal is to have them all available for the world

(Sebastian) #63

with smartphone-powered camera-scan apps being really mature now, I will continue my effort to scan the rest of the WAI that Tom sent me a while back

(Sebastian) #64

This summer we will try to have most of the backlog that I have up on Issuu.com we will keep you posted. Sorry for the delays…

(Jonny Powers) #65

I noticed the Download PDF links don’t work for the latest issues on the database (http://www.spaghetti-western.net/index.php/Westerns…_All%27Italiana!), also would like to know, is this still being published?

(Sebastian) #66

dont know about latest issues, but I will make sure all the old ones we used to have as PDF as well as the ones Tom sent me a few years back will all be available digitally soon

(Jonny Powers) #67

Who could i get in touch with about seeing if it’s still in print? I saw their blog but couldn’t see any info on becoming a subscriber to it or anything like that.

(Sebastian) #68

Print? You can just “print it out”. The mag hasn’t been a print mag for a long while. But ask @Tom_B

(Sebastian) #69

Thanks to @Talby (welcome to the community by the way), I fixed the WAI downloads (see link above). I will also check which additional issues I have that still need to be scanned and will then check with Tom what more can be done!