Westerns... Al'Italiana! [fanzine now hosted]

(Bill san Antonio) #21

What’s the situation with this at swdb now? Is someone doing more PDF’s of the past issues at the moment?

Were there some plans to change whole issues to wiki articles?

(Lode) #22

I have to admit that this is a very hard work that needs a lot of time. And we surely want to upgrade the whole database (such like refresh the DVD subpages, work on a month’s focus film etc). I hope Seb will do this, but I think it’s a matter of time…

(Sebastian) #23

well I can only put up new pdfs once I get them from the editors of the mag.

i haven’t yet had time to convert these issues to wiki articles. Lode is right, it would be very timeconsuming, as the Mag is very specifically formatted. Maybe a few excerpts from each issue are enougn, as well. I will do and example for one issue when i have the time to do it.

(Sebastian) #24

latest number 72 is up for download

(Tom B.) #25

The next issue #73, we are shooting for December 1st 2008.

Col. Douglas Mortimer asked what the average readership was? The peak was about 300 with 250 in the U.S.A. and another 50 overseas. Since it has gone electronic I don’t have an exact count but it has doubled to more than 750 downloads from three sites that I am aware of. There also seems to be a larger audience of the genre now then ever before. You younger guys have picked up on these films and there is a new interest in these long forgotten films. I salute you all for allowing me to be a part of this database and in helping keep these films alive and giving the film makers credit they never received when the films were first released. Enjoy!

(ENNIOO) #26

@ Tom B.

I am glad and very pleased the fanzine is still produced.

Congradulations to you and all your contributors in a job well done.

(Sebastian) #27

dito, that whole thing is a great achievement, especially for the older generation that rather has a magazine with lots of things in one place versus picking out information from different sources and googling it like us young kids

(bladerunnerblues) #28

I would love to be able to read Westerns Al’Italiana,but i can not get the damn thing to print!I downloaded the PDF files and that is as far as I’ve got.I have tried printing them numerous times with both Internet Exlorer and Adobe.No go :-[

(Sebastian) #29

why would it not print?

(Sebastian) #30

btw, Tom and I are working on getting those even older issues up for download, it’ll take some time and long nights of scanning work, but it’s for a good cause, isn’t it :wink:

(Phil H) #31

Sure is. It would be great to access all the old issues.

(Sebastian) #32

we’ll make it happen

(Pacificador) #33

Fantastic! Can’t wait…

(Sebastian) #34

the latest issue is online

(Pacificador) #35

Tom and Sebastian, thank you very much for your time and effort to get this fanzine out and accessible to us!!!

(Tom B.) #36

Sebastian and I are working on a project to get all the back issues scanned and made available at the Spaghetti Western Database. I have started sending him all the back issues, a few at a time, (the guy does have to sleep, eat and have a life). Just keep in mind some of these issues are over 25 years-old and a few have a page missing here and there. The main problem will be that some of the material printed is incorrect. I had very little in the way of source material in the beginning of the 1980s to check what was being submitted to me or what I could find in print. This was before computers and I had to rely on books, newspaper and magazine articles and library research. You will even come across mis-information in the intreviews we did and that were sent. Some of that is a loss of memory by the person being interviewed or confusion on titles or the films we were discussing. Still it has always been a fun project to work on and conitnue to find new information Sebastian will get them posted to the site as soon as he is able but this will probably take about two years so be patient. Any questions don’t be afraid to ask or contact me. I’ll be glad to provide anything I can. Happy Holidays!

(Sebastian) #37

what gives you that idea? :wink:

(scherpschutter) #38

The “The Great Silence” artwork published in the fanzine, is by Italian artist Stefano Scagni, he made it for an album of the Scandinavian progrock band Colossus, called Spaghetti Epic 3.
I asked and got permission (from the band members) to use it in my review of The Great silence:


(Reverend Danite) #39

I second that. I can only imagine the amount of work you have to do for this …
“Happy Holidays” indeed! so try and have one yourself, chaps. Meanwhile I’ll raise my glass of Christmas sherry (cider) to your ongoing project. Stirling work.

(ENNIOO) #40

Excellent work indeed ;).