Anyone seen this site…

It has loads of westerns to watch online, really helps me to sneak a viewing at work.
Just wanted suggestions as to which of the movies available are worth watching…


NOTE: I am in no way affiliated to the site, nor am I advertising it.

Looks cool. There are at least a couple on there which I want to check out.

I have only seen China 9 Liberty 37 & Deadly Companions.
Wanted opinion on the rest.

I guess One Eyed Jacks is good.

Powderkeg is quite alright, featuring the beautiful Luciana Paluzzi.

Raiders of Old California is a solid western, with Van Cleef as the bad guy.

The Ruthless Four is by far the best one listed there in my opinion. Would definitely recommend that one.

apart from as Phil says " The Ruthless Four" and " The Proud & The Damned" and a few others i have seen on that list, i’d say not much of interest, but that’s just my opinion.

I guess most of these films are now in public domain.
I wish they had more Spaghetti Westerns though.

I’ll give Joshua a go, even though I hear it’s terrible. Same goes for God’s Gun.

One Eyed Jacks is more than good: it’s brilliant. Unfortunatly, it’s in the Public Domain, so there hasn’t been a decent DVD release of it yet :(.

I saw One Eyed Jacks, & true… it’s brilliant.
Had no idea Brando ever directed a film… none of the other films seem interesting though.

The reason I have not picked it up really.

I’ve read that the Wild Side DVD of One-Eyed Jacks (La Vengeance aux deux visages) is pretty decent, aside from the fact that the opening credits come from the French version and that some scenes look washed out (and a few other things). I don’t own it so I can’t confirm, but Wild Side usually delivers quality products (and with the original language track and removable subs).

Thanks for the infomation I love you M.E. Kay - is that disc on Amazon?

Yes, on Amazon.fr for roughly 10 euros. As for the shipping fees, they’re around 9 euros for Canada. The link for the review which I read is : http://www.dvdclassik.com/Critiques/vengeance-aux-deux-visages-dvd.htm , the screenshots are small, but maybe it’s enough to judge. It’s a French edition, but like I said, the original audio track is included and subtitles are removable (well, the subs on the Wild Side DVDs that I have are all removable, so it should be).

Hmmm, China 9, Liberty 37 seems like an odd choice to make both lists. The novelty of seeing Sam Peckinpah in an acting-role… and a must-see for Warren Oates fans, are its main attractions.

Ohh, there are a few more “attractions” in China 9 …

Is there an uncut DVD of China 9, Libery 37 Stanton?

I think not, but a very good widescreen copy from TV

Echo Bridge Home Entertainment one eyedjacks widescreen english

China 9 is a very solid film.