Western TV shows

This looks wild


I’ll have to wait for an Xfinity free week as my cable subscription doesn’t include Showtime. I did a paper on John Brown for one of my college history courses, so I’ll be curious to see how accurate they got him. It looks like they’re making him an eccentric religious man from the trailer. He was eccentric and pious, and but I think they’re overplaying it.

I just assumed it was for laughs :thinking:

Maybe it’ll make more sense when the series arrives.

Hadn’t heard of Good Lord Bird yet, looking forward to it. Not too concerned with how accurate it is personally

One of the best western themed shows and overall shows I’ve seen in recent history is Preacher. I’m sure everyone here is aware of it/already seen it.

I’ve been trying to start back up on Hell On Wheels, but the series really lost my interest midway through season 2. I really liked the first episodes but it takes a direction that I find to be drawn out and boring. But I’m also not a big fan of railroad themes at this point, at least when it becomes the central element.

I still need to start HBO’s Deadwood, which I may do soon… and I meant to watch Branded a while back but never got around to it - mainly curious because I love Larry Cohen’s stuff.

Anyone seen this Gunslingers show on AHC / American Heroes Channel? I’ve never heard of this show or this TV network

I used to read the 2000AD reprints of PREACHER. I have not seen the series yet but I think the MISSIONARY MAN character would make a good series. Missionary_Man_(comics)