Welcome to the SWDb Community!

and make everyone dizzy? haha.
thanks for joining, amigo!

Hello all, just joined. I’ll pass the word along to get some more spaghetti fans in here. Seems like a nice, growing community ;D

Wassap,amigos :)) nice to meet all of ya

im here too waves i guess i shoulda posted here when i registere but what the hell.

It’s good to see someones finally taken the liberty to make a site aboot these films :smiley:

I see some familiar faces which is good.

yeah, tons of them. :slight_smile:
nice of you to check by

Hey guys!

Just joined. I am from the US just north of Boston. I am fairly new to Spaghetti Westerns, so I am glad I found this site. I have been collecting Kung Fu and Samurai dvds for a while. Now getting into SWesterns the first thing I noticed, it’s just like collecting kungfu dvds. All the same problems with trying to find the best looking uncut dvd. :-X Oh boy not this again, I can already feel my wallet getting thinner.

we’re trying to help out in that respect as good as we can :slight_smile:

Hello. I’m from the tarantino-movies.com board. It is nice that all the guys loving S’ghetti Westerns can meet here. I hope this community will grow till millions of member.

And now let’s go to work… ;D

Ohoh i began to post before saying hello!

So Hello! happy to join the SW forum!

oh me too -sorry
helllo everybody out there

Howdy, ya no-good varmints! Hehe, just joking of course. Thought I’d pop in and say hi to y’all. Looks like a great forum!

hey man, thanks for checking it out. enjoy your stay, and please leave your guns at the sheriff’s office or i’m gonna have to pop ya :wink:


Hello newbie here…thanks for the great site.
I am a long time SW fan from Canada, been watching them for over 30 years and still find them interesting…hell with over 500 movies to got through I am good for life!
My fav SW actors are LVC, G Garkko,Tony Anthony,George Hilton among others lol

Vancouver James

I’d like to point everybody’s attention to


our new sister site

also new here

but already posted some before passing through here

Welcome!!! It’s a nice place to be…

Hi, I’m new here also. Just found the board today, and it looks great - packed with good information on DVD releases.

welcome on board, Garringo

To all the newbies…welcome!
I’m sure you’ll have a great time here…

Hi everyone

Just joined today.This site looks great and probably the best on the net for sw’s. :slight_smile: