Wanted Johnny Texas (Emimmo Salvi, 1967)

I think there were used some in Companeros, but those scenes were cut in versions shown on TV

Yes, but also only a few, very few in relation to the great kill rate in Companeros, and this were already the 70s.

Holy crap-o-rama! Just finished watching this one. This is a really bad movie. Any of Fidani’s spaghettis will wipe the floor with Wanted Johnny Texas. In order to get some fun out of this, it is recommended to view it as a parody on westerns. The acting is terrible, except maybe Howard Ross as the ridiculous villain. The use of fast motion to ‘spice up’ the action scenes is laughable beyond belief. This movie will also give you a chance to see Fernando Sancho as a redhead, hahaha. And the ending… when James Newman literally starts to kick Monika Brugger’s ass. Hahaha, godammnit; this ought to be seen to be believed. What an amalgam of incompetence and stupidity. All this inferiority causes the movie to be at least a bit entertaining, so 4,5/10 as far as I’m concerned. (acting 2/10 special effects 1/10)

I’ve always wondered why this film has been so widely considered as something special. I’ve heard people calling this a masterpiece, gothic horror western and whatever. Maybe just because Weisser has it in his top20, probably he didn’t even ever saw it…

I will have to use these words someday…

I thought this one was…interesting. It’s a bad movie and poorly made with extremely bad editing and pacing but it is very…different. I said it fealt like some sort of sword and sandal movie mixed with a 30’s serial. Especially with the sound stage locations with matte painitngs. A first for a spaghetti i’ve seen. Baaaaaaaaaaad acting and I thought it was hilarious with Johnny and O’Connor’s first meeting and everytime Johnny said anything, O’Conor always had to start out his response with a craz laughter. Muahahahahahahaha! I didn’t notice any fast motion though. Only in one short shot at the end. The music was good though and the movie on a whole is very easy to watch. But an insult to my intelligence. And anyone who has seen it. And those sandpits…!

Thanks Korano, you have just helped this title move to the top of my ‘to watch’ pile, sounds like a hoot ;D

Movies 4 Men is going to show this one later this month, hope it´s in Widescreen?!

Yeah, to get a nice widescreen image of all the sandpits of Florence.

Watching this one reminds me of Robert Mitchum in Out of the Past- “It was the bottom of the barrel, and I scraped it.”

It’s now apparently on this week. Fri and Sun at 9PM.

Film was shown in wide 2.35:1 with English dub. Decent enough print.

Seemed a lot of kills in this. Three different big shoot-outs in the first 30-mins. Plus guys being shot and killed during the opening on-the-run credits too. Not much or nothing in the middle (some dancing). Then a long and big shoot-out at the end.

Didn’t notice any fast motion. Shoot-outs looked normal. Perhaps a different version? The only thing I noticed it was the last fight fist, which was quite short anyway. Did notice the baddie and his laugh though. Was OK I thought.

Shit!!! Fell asleep when a was suppose to record this one last night, a only have the
last 49 min, hope they will show it again in a few weeks.
it was a nice broadcast in letterbox:2:35.


You would have fallen asleep watching it anyway. :smiley:

I agree! I have never liked WANTED JOHNNY TEXAS.

Just recorded this onto the old Sky+ box, so off to form an opinion right now!!!


Strange film this one. Tried too hard at times I think. The background music made me think of 70’s scifi like Space 1999 at times, then wandered back into more traditional territory. A couiple of fairly rough jump cuts on the M4M showing, one on the cat fight where I’m sure she was about to say “You bitch” but there was a bit of a stranmge noise and no word, and just as Rosita was about to be murdered, there seemed to be a slight jump in the film.

Overall not bad, but I won’t go out of my way to see it again.


[size=2]Enjoyed this one and liked the action scenes. Fernando Sancho in a non mexican bandit role made a change aswell. Agree with the poster above ( PJayBe ) re the music. Viewed a 2.35 T.V print which had some slight print damage, but the best I have seen the film look so far.[/size]

:(Watched this one recently, and what a turkey this is. With bad acting and cheap sets all around. Dubbing was out of sync, the lead villain with is boyish looks, he looked liked he belonged in a Frankie Avalon beach movie. F. Sancho was ok, R.Neri she was wasted in this one. 1 out of 10*. Pure trash!!!. The only thing i like is the poster, with a close-up Newman’s face pointing the gun.

saw this on movies for men channel. to be fair it looked cut as there were quite a few jumps. thought it was bizarre, cheap and mediocre at best.a few violent moments to relieve the tedium.instantly forgettable. 4/10

There are several good reasons to watch this cheapie
One of them is called Rosalba, most others Monika (Ah, men&movies):