Wanted Johnny Texas (Emimmo Salvi, 1967)


Hi folks.

I’m fairly new to the board but have been an avid collector of italian westerns for the past few years now. I can’t quite put my trigger finger on the attraction of the genre but I love the pop art style, OTT drama and grit of these films in comparison to the polished american made western. The rotoscope intros, spanish influenced scores, the iconography…to name a few all seems to work.

Anyway back to topic.

I am currently looking at the film “Wanted Johnny Texas” ( Emimmo Salvi 1967).

I only have a good quality (Unfortunately Fullscreen) DVD version of the film with italian audio but recently picked up an english version. The english version was a terrible quality VHS transfer barely watchable.

Can you see where I am going with this…

I am about to start creating a fan based version combining the italian print with the english audio. I have started synching the english dialogue against the italian guide track. The intention is then to strip out dialogue sections of the italian track , eq then mix…blah blah. It takes some dedication I tell ya.

Before I get too far into this I perhaps should have asked the following obvious questions, hope you people can help out.

  1. Does a good quality widescreen DVD transfer exist?
  2. A few VHS transfers exist, has anyone seen a remotely acceptable version, pretty subjective I know?
  3. Any of you have opinions to share about this particular film…is it worth me spending a few days of my life satisfying myself with a better quality english audio version?

Well thats all for now folks.

I haven’t seen this one myself and am not aware of any widescreen DVD I’m afraid.

Hi Stark - welcome.

[quote=“Stark, post:1, topic:1060”]… but recently picked up an english version. The english version was a terrible quality VHS transfer barely watchable.

  1. A few VHS transfers exist, has anyone seen a remotely acceptable version, pretty subjective I know?[/quote]
    My version comes from a German released video, in English with Greek subs. The quality is a bit washed out, a bit soft, a bit jerky and of course reasonably intrusive subs - and it’s fullscreen - but it’s not “terrible” - I’ve got plenty worse than this.

[Edit: worth sticking a ‘sweaty’ Monika Brugger on again…]

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Indeed…who cares she didn’t get to use her blasting caps?!

The version I have is widescreen, english, no subs. I am probably complaining too much.

Any more information and opinions on the film would be much appreciated…i’ll post a review here in the near future.

Nice to see Fernando Sanchez in a non bandit type of role for a change.

Average movie. Fernando Sancho’s role as sniper rifle-shooting gringo colonel was interesting. I also liked Monika Brugger a lot. Music was really great at times i think. But the story was so sketchy and half-baked that it brings the whole thing down, along with some uninteresting locations, uniteresting protagonist [in my opionion he wasn’t an anti-hero but an asshole :stuck_out_tongue: ] and villan behaving so over-the-top that it was impossible to take him seriously [he was killing or beating up every gangs memeber that said something he didn’t like]. So all in all i would place it in a mediocre bunch. 5/10

I have this on my buy list. Weisser liked it but said it is either one of the best or worst !?! So I obviously don’t know if it is worth it but it’s plot seemed fresh and interesting. Should I get this one? P.s I ask that question a lot because I am only 15 and don’t have the money or rescources to buy them all the time.

Hmm … Weisser has Wanted Johnny Texas in his 20 Favorite SWs, so we can assume that he has seen about 25 while writing his book.

It’s a confused film storylike, shot in extra cheap looking locations, but in the middle of this disorderly hokum, you can find here and there several nice ideas, which are seldom developed, which don’t get the whole film going, but which set this trash film clearly apart from the typical Fidani.

And sweaty Monika has a lot of nice moments.
And the crazy baddie of course, who needs not much of a reason to kill also lots of his own people, he is also worth a look.

So to speak a partly interesting mess.

Maybe you better try something more promising, before you climb down in the SW vaults to find possibly some dirty diamonds there, where mostly only garbage lies around.

Thanks for the reply stanton. By the way, the locations are apparently around Florence, Italy. I might just buy this one anyway maybe just for the hot italian chick everyone speaks so highly of.

Can anyone explain why Weisser’s book says it was made in 1971?

There is much in Weisser’s book which nobody can explain.

We call it meanwhile Weisser’s fairy book.

That describes that book perfectley

How does it deliver on the action department?

The action is so so, you have to remind it was a very cheap film.

Salvi uses often fast motion which looks a bit silly and is a very primitive way to make scenes more dynamic.

The big shoot out near the end is one of those where the same guys get killed again and again.

But you don’t look this film for the action, or for character development, or for cool dialogues.

You watch it for Monika, a blonde Sancho, a loony baddie, a strange sidekick, Rosalba Neri, some violence, and mainly for the way Monika looks and looks around.

Did they use squibs for the violence or just paint it on between cuts?

I think there was no blood, it’s a film from 67.

The SWs are very violent, but mostly with not so much blood.

And squibs were very seldom used in SWs, even in the 70s when everybody does it elsewhere.

Yeah, I was thinking it would be awesome if this one used squibs. It would be the only 60’s SPW that used them which I would see. But they don’t and I haven’t. Do you know any 60’s ones that have used squibs?

Sollima does some squib work in The Big Gundown and I think also in Run Man Run, but not much.

Oh Yeah. Is it where Van Cleef is shot in the sholuder?

I know Baldi used one in forgotten pistolero.