Waldo de los Rios

(Sebastian) #1

Because I am so completely hooked to the Savage Pampas soundtrack, I need to share my love and get talking to y’all. Waldo de Los Rios is said to have re-recorded his composition on his own, after the studio cut his stuff down (and if you watch the movie, there is not much left of his music in the film), and the result is just plainly… majestic. It’s said to be his best work, and without knowing any of his work, I think it is up there with the best music compositions ever made for a film.

This youtube links has the entire thing:

What’s great about it is, that you’ll hear how he thought of it as entire piece, with an overture, a middle part, and a climax. It’s just marvellous!

(Søren) #2

ScreenArchives still has the combined limited edition soundtrack for A Town Called Hell and Savage Pampas available for $4.95:


Contains 63 minutes of music from Savage Pampas, so the whole deal + a couple of alternative edits and demos.

(morgan) #3

And the two disk limited collectors edition also has a 28 p booklet in Spanish and English.

(Sebastian) #4

Damnit, I need to have all that :slight_smile:


De Rios did some fantastic film scores, but he was most successful with albums feat. symphonic pop versions of classical themes. Those were bestsellers then all over the world. He also arranged this super hit:

He suffered from depression in the late seventies and comitted suicide :frowning: