VOTE For TOP 10 Spaghetti Westerns ACTRESSES

ANY TOP 10 or TOP 20 Spaghetti Western Favourite ACTRESSES With Photos

POST IT (quick) :smiley: :-* :wink:

ANY particular ACTRESS that makes your blood temperature RISE :wink: (or anything else) :o

TELL US WHICH Ravishing Actress you like, her films, her co-stars, her life and more. :smiley:


Extremely beautiful, ravishing, talented, voluptuous Italian Leading actress star of many
International Films: SWs, Thrillers, Giallos, Sci fi, Westerns, Horror, Exploitation, Police etc


SEA FURY 1958 Stanley Baker
THUNDERBALL 1965 Sean Connery
ONE EYED SOLDIERS 1966 Dale Robertson
VENETIAN AFFAIR 1967 Boris Karloff
CHUKA 1967 Rod Taylor
NO ROSES FOR OSS117 1967 John Gavin
GREEN SLIME 1968 Robert Horton
1001 NIGHTS 1968 Jeff Cooper
A BLACK VEIL FOR LISA 1968 Robert Hoffman
99 WOMEN 1970 Maria Rohm
POWDERKEG 1971 Rod Taylor
SERGEANT CLEMS 1971 Peter Strauss
BLACK GUNN 1972 Jim Brown
MALA ORDINA 1972 Henry Silva
AMAZONS 1973 Sabine Sun
MANHUNT 1973 Henry Silva
KLANSMAN 1974 Richard Burton
E TUTTE LE AUTO 1975 Enrico Maria Salerno
GREEK TYCOON 1978 James Franciscus
DEADLY CHASE 1978 Luc Merenda

Outstanding list of credits for ITALY’s NUMBER 1 ACTRESS. :smiley:

I voted for Nieves, although Rosalba and Giovanna (Ralli) are favourites too.

I don’t see Claudia as a real ‘spaghetti western actress’, but I admit these things are rather arbitrary.

Rosalba Neri
Giovanna Ralli
Nicoletta Macchiavelli
Susan Scott
Claudia Cardinale
Rada Rassimov
Tina Aumont
Agata Flori
Sydne Rome
Simone Blondell

Very good selections Bill and Scherp.

Claudia Cardinale and Raquel Welch are debatable as “SW” but I would rather
have them both , then not have them ;D :-* :-*

Michele Mercier
Rosalba Neri
Giovanna Ralli
Nicoletta Maciavelli
Susan Scott
Loredana Nusciak
Linda Veras
Agata Flori
Chelo Alonso
Ida Galli

I’m assumng we are voting based on looks and sex appeal, but I wonder which of these ladies is the best actress?

As I explained we vote on the BEST ACTRESS In SW based on :

  1. Talent / Acting ability
  2. Sex Appeal / Beauty
  3. Quality Of The Films / Screen Presence

“Best Actress” is extremely dubious as critics reckon Bette Davis/Meryl Streep are “good”

whereas I reckon they are very poor/stiff/dull/un-attractive etc etc. Its all OPINION.

A ray of hope? :wink: :smiley:

SD you forgot Susan George on the list

My apologies Lindberg , the lovely Susan George is now added on and we will do a tribute
for her soon. Susan George has appeared in numerous cult/classic/exploitation Films :smiley:

SD, some more women to add to your list:

Brigitte Bardot (Viva Maria!, Les Petroleuses)

Agneta Eckemyr (Blindman)

Sylvie Fennec (Gli Specialisti)

Martine Beswick (Quien Sabe)

OH :o what a beautiful selection of pictures Brigitte, Agneta, Sylvie, Martine they are in.
I have also added that cutey Uschi Glas and Mad.Labeau from the Guy Madison Sw 64 :smiley:

I hope you all do some good voting after all this extra work I am doing with the ladies :wink:

Agneta was extremely cute in Blindman.

Iris Berben (Companeros)

Rosemary Dexter, she was in The Dirty Outlaws or El Desperado, I Quattro del pater noster, and also together with CULT STAR Peter Lee Lawrence/ Karl Hirenbach in For a Few Dollars More.

Rosemary Dexter of course Lindberg she’s a wonderful lady in superb SWs with Karl :o
I added Rosemary and Iris Berben , thanks for your information and super photos :wink:

[quote=“Lindberg, post:15, topic:804”]Iris Berben (Companeros)

Iris Berben

I bought me recently her 1st film Detektive (1969) by Rudolph Thome.

It’s about men with guns and extremely beautiful girls in very short dresses. Iris Berben and Uschi Obermaier are both looking gorgeous.
Strong erotic overtones in a nonchalant film.

I think the lovely Iris Berben may well get a whole new set of devoted fans after
such an “intimate” and “sexy” recommendation :smiley: :wink:

Oh, man. I just noticed that there’s no Pilar Velasquez on the list. She would definitely have my vote.

Anything to keep you happy Bill Baby :wink:
I have added Pilar and 6 other beauties like Lucretia Love, Marilu Tolo etc I had omitted.

I hope you and many others get voting now… :smiley: