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(Novecento) #2689

Valid point :grinning: . Although those movies can be less than stellar, and it’s not like Leone’s OUATITW isn’t full of homages. It’s that old “standing on the shoulders of giants” thing…

Personally I don’t appreciate excessive gore for shock value, am of the view that a good film should be almost as good when watched in a language you don’t understand (i.e. good dialogue should be the cherry on top rather than the cake), and like to witness the effective application of coherent composed movie scores for a film rather than pastiches of short songs/scores. While all the above might be expected to turn me away from a Tarantino film in principle, I actually have to give enormous respect to anyone who can pull of being an auteur in the film industry and Tarantino does that in spades. I saw “Hateful Eight” on 70mm and really enjoyed it (and the Morricone score). I had thought he was crazy shooting a claustrophobic film so wide (to the extent of thinking does he really know what he’s doing with this anamorphic 70mm production beyond it being a gimmick) and yet he proved me completely wrong!

(Michael Baker) #2690

Here’s my latest update below.

Old Top 20

  1. Once Upon a Time in the West
  2. For a Few Dollars More
  3. The Good the Bad and the Ugly
  4. A Fistful of Dollars
  5. The Great Silence
  6. Duck you Sucker!
  7. Face to Face
  8. The Big Gundown
  9. The Forgotten Pistolero
  10. Django
  11. Sonny and Jed
  12. Companeros
  13. The Mercenary
  14. No Room To Die
  15. Django the Bastard
  16. Black Jack
  17. A Bullet for the General
  18. Day of Anger
  19. Tepepa
  20. Cemetery Without Crosses

New Top 20

  1. Once Upon a Time in the West
  2. For a Few Dollars More
  3. The Good the Bad and the Ugly
  4. A Fistful of Dollars
  5. The Great Silence
  6. Face to Face
  7. Duck You Sucker!
  8. The Big Gundown
  9. No Room To Die
  10. Black Jack
  11. Sonny and Jed
  12. The Forgotten Pistolero
  13. Django the Bastard
  14. El Puro
  15. Companeros
  16. Death Sentence
  17. The Mercenary
  18. A Bullet for the General
  19. My Name is Nobody
  20. Run Man Run

Out go Django, Day of Anger, Tepepa and Cemetery Without Crosses and in come El Puro, Death Sentence, My Name is Nobody and Run Man Run. A few changes to the order as well. :face_with_monocle:


He only did it to get a few reactions, and that’s exactly what he got.



(Bill san Antonio) #2693

I haven’t updated my list for ages so here’s a new one. It’s always a work in progress but at least there’s some important changes. I decided to leave Taste of Violence out eventually, it’s one of the best but maybe it’s just too much of a borderline case for sw.

  1. Once upon time in the west
  2. Cemetary without crosses
  3. Face to Face
  4. The great silence
  5. My name is Nobody
  6. Django
  7. Keoma
  8. Good the bad and the ugly
  9. God forgives I don’t
  10. For a few dollars more
  11. Companeros
  12. Duck you sucker!
  13. Blindman
  14. Bandidos
  15. El Puro
  16. A Pistol for Ringo
  17. Shoot the Living Pray for the Dead
  18. Four of the Apocalypse
  19. Stranger in Town
  20. Fistful of Dollars

And the old one was

(Stanton) #2694

Bill, there’s one film missing, no # 20 in your new list.

(Bill san Antonio) #2695

Oops :flushed: I have problems with this forum’s autonumbering system.

Edited now.

(Stanton) #2696

Good news (for now), Death Rides a Horse has currently dropped out of the top 10 … :wink:

(Phil H) #2697

Return of Ringo out, Pistol for Ringo in.
Interested to know what led that decision Bill. Did you re-watch both together?

(Bill san Antonio) #2698

Yeah, I watched them during last spagvemberfest and noticed that I enjoyed the first one much more than the second. Taste changes during time… biggest surprise recently for myself was Four of the Apocalypse which I included in my top20 first time now. I’ve always liked the film but it used to be that oddity which was never on my favorite lists.


I need to update my Top 20 soon, there’s a few that needs to be rearranged.

(carlos) #2701

Some interesting choices there. And welcome to the forum @ancient_evenings!


Time for an update…

As brother @Bill_san_Antonio said, it’s always a work in progress. The order changes for me depending on what day of the week it is.

  1. The Great Silence
  2. Once Upon a Time in the West
  3. For a Few Dollars More
  4. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  5. Django
  6. The Big Gundown
  7. The Mercenary
  8. The Return of Ringo
  9. Cemetery Without Crosses
  10. If You Meet Sartana, Pray For Your Death
  11. Compañeros
  12. Viva Django
  13. The Dirty Outlaws
  14. A Bullet For the General
  15. Tepepa
  16. Django Kill!
  17. California
  18. My Name is Nobody
  19. A Fistful of Dollars
  20. El Puro

(Stanton) #2703

Hmmm … terrible update in respect of my taste … :wink:


I was gonna put Boot Hill, Ace High & El Puro as my top 3. But Darth Vader said he’d come from the planet Vulcan and melt my brain If I did :disappointed:

(Stanton) #2705

Where’s the problem? Nobody needs a brain for watching Spags …

But actually all of my Top 20 Spags in your old list lost points in your new Top 20.


Compañeros has certainly climbed my ranks. Not bad for a cheap imitation of Il Mercenario. I also realised Réquiem para el Gringo only entertains me for the last 30 minutes.

I’m just gonna copy and paste your list as my own next time.

(Stanton) #2707

Why is not everyone so reasonable? And why do you wait?


I pity any ‘Fresh off the Boat’, prospective SW fans, who may have just caught the first few Leone movies, and thought “Mmmm, I must check out further movies in this fascinating genre!” … only to be thrown in at the deep end with some of the garbage that makes up various member’s ‘Top 20’ choices. :crazy_face: but we all have to do it at some point, rather like a rites of passage … Just picture their poor dismayed little faces, as they look forward to something the equal of ‘For a Few Dollars More’, as they settle down to ‘enjoy’ ‘Django Kill’, ‘Requiescant’, or even ‘Matalo’ … most of them are in for a huge shock! LOL :laughing:

(tomas) #2709

Haha, well, there’s a lot of spaghs I enjoy more than FAFDM. I’ve seen GBU, Django or Great Silence and afterwars I have to actually settle down to enjoy FAFDM.